Effective Communication: Your Best Profit Strategy?

October 8th, 2012

In order to be successful in any venture, one must align themselves with the tenets of effective communication. Communication is effective when the information you would like to convey is transmitted in a manner that is clear, and is able to be received positively. Utilizing a few easy and highly effective communication strategies can boost your company’s profits by improving morale, motivation, customer or client service, and even reputation.

  1. Say what you mean (and mean what you say). American poet Ezra Pound included this in his tenets of Imagism, stating that one should use, “absolutely no word that did not contribute to the presentation.” Be sure to use precise vocabulary, steer clear of commonly misused words (such as “literally”) and aim for accurate brevity over muddled verbosity.
  2. Be concise and thorough. Often, one only has a single chance to present information to colleagues, networking connects or clients. It is best to nail down a brief but thorough delivery of information that you might routinely deliver to different groups of people, such as trainees or prospective clients. Additionally, ensuring that you have covered the points most important to you will prevent unnecessary back-and-forth for clarification purposes. This saves time and creates synergy.
  3. Talk with your hands. This is not to say you should begin gesturing wildly if that is inorganic to you–it is simply a reminder that a majority of the communication we participate in daily is non-verbal. In the electronic age, however, we are communicating in many ways that have little to do with body language, tone of voice or eye contact. After all, there’s no way to be sure what tone of voice an email is written in unless you ask the sender. Be aware of your body language, tone of voice and inflection and eye contact in face-to-face interactions, and pick up the slack created by electronic interaction by taking extra care to use the tips listed above.
  4. Respond promptly. One of the best ways to make a client or co-worker feel heard is to respond as soon as it is plausible for you. This will create a more receptive audience for whatever information you need to convey. Prompt response time from a company is valued highly by customers, and is a boon to any company’s reputation.

Communication is vital for virtually all relationships, and in the electronic age, things can get a bit hazy. Implementing the communication strategies above can help you grow your business by increasing productivity and boosting company reputation. Communicate with us to begin your journey to a more profitable business!