Using Cold Calling to Your Advantage | Job Search Advice

November 9th, 2012

Though it seems counterintuitive, many individuals who are searching for jobs employ cold calling. The secret is this: if you can pull off a cold call, it can be an amazingly effective tool for advancing job prospects. So how do you master the cold call? After figuring out which companies would be a good fit for you, determining how you can provide benefit to the company and creating a concise explanation of that, try following these insider tips:

Bypass HR. The Human Resource Department is going to give you a standard answer when you call: “Send in your resumé and someone will contact you if there if an opening in your departments of interest.” Many HR reps feel that their department is a buffer between applicants and employees, and this is especially applicable if your departments of interest are not actively hiring. Choosing to dig deeper and call someone in the department, bypassing HR, will (if you have done your research) put you in direct contact with the individuals who will be interviewing you. If the department is not actively seeking employees, but you make a convincing enough case that you can serve a need that is affecting the company, the powers that be just might be persuaded to make room for an unexpected new employee.

Do your research. Use social media sites such as LinkedIn to connect with people to whom you can reach out for interviews. Alternately, use a site like Twitter to find out about them to help warm up your cold introduction. Even if you can’t “befriend” an individual on these sites, looking up the company’s pages can give excellent insights as to the company’s day-to-day operations, strengths, and needs.

Once you know who to make contact with, prepare to speak to an executive or administrative assistant. Train yourself to write down his or her name if it is provided so that you may use it at the beginning and end of the call. Asking something of someone is much more personally connected when you insert the person’s name: “Cathy, I was wondering if you would be willing to help me…” If the individual you are trying to reach employs a secretary or assistant, that assistant will be the first line of defense you must penetrate every time you make contact with the office; try to nail your first impression.

Cold calling can be brilliant if used effectively. Utilizing the advice listed above can ensure that you successfully set up interviews with companies you believe in. Contact us today to explore your employment opportunities!