Declining A Job Offer: Do It Right!

March 22nd, 2012

Getting a job offer is exciting, but if you’re not interested in the job, it can be intimidating. What can you do?

When you know a job isn’t right for you, you can reject the offer while still maintaining a positive relationship with the employer. In an era where very few can afford to burn any professional bridges, you need to handle this situation professionally.

First, let’s talk about the wrong thing to do: Accept the job, then just don’t show up when expected. Don’t call, don’t answer their phone calls, and hope they’ll forget about you. (nope, no chance—you’ve just given yourself a bad reputation)

Your priority is to contact the hiring manager as soon as possible, but before you do, take a moment to decide if you’re not interested in the particulars of this job offer, or if you’re not interested in the position, or if it’s the company that’s the issue. Making this decision will help guide you as you move forward.

And by contact, we mean call. Declining a job offer by phone is professional and respectful, which allows you to maintain a positive relationship with the employer and within the business community. Let the manager know that you’re grateful for the offer, you carefully considered it and you appreciate the time he took with you.

If you aren’t interested in the offer they made but would like to negotiate, tell them what you would be willing to agree to. If you aren’t interested at all, hold your ground.

You’re not obligated to give a reason for declining the job, especially if it’s because you felt the company seemed like a negative work environment or a bad career risk. If you do choose to discuss your decision, give honest, reasonable explanations: bad timing, a family-related factor, a counter-offer from your current employer, location concerns or simply that the offered position doesn’t align with your future career goals. Try to avoid discussing money; if it comes up, try to emphasize a secondary reason, such as stability or a clearer promotional path.

Once you’ve made the call, follow up with a formal written letter. Email is faster, but to keep your rejection as professional as possible, send some good old-fashioned snail mail. Keep your letter polite, professional and short, and leave the door open for future possibilities of working for the company.

When you decide to decline a job offer, you don’t want to burn any bridges. Preserve your reputation by being as polite and professional as possible.

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Working With Staffing Agencies – What To Expect After the Hire

January 27th, 2012

Partnering with a staffing agency is a great way to increase your productivity and decrease your costs, while reducing the time and stress burden of hiring on your organization. If you haven’t yet worked with a staffing agency, the steps and process involved may be a bit foreign to you. Or if you’ve worked with a staffing agency in the past, and had a bad experience, you may not understand what you should expect from your staffing partner.

Your staffing agency is a long-term partner.

When you work with a staffing agency, you should expect more than a company that merely fills job openings. In fact, a large part of the process begins after a hire is made. Here are three things you should expect after the hire:

  • Calls or visits to follow up. Your staffing vendor should call or visit your organization shortly after the hire, and again several weeks or months later (depending on the duration of the assignment) to assess whether the candidate is a good match, and ensure your satisfaction. While you should always be able to call your staffing agency with any questions or concerns, a good staffing agency will be proactive in ensuring your satisfaction.

  • Additional tips to maximize your workforce. A strategic staffing partner does more than fill positions, they look at your organization objectively to determine how to best maximize your workforce investment. And that strategic planning doesn’t end after a hire is made. Your staffing vendor should be contacting you regularly to offer tips for getting the most out of your team.

  • Calls about talented professionals who would be a good fit for your company. An adept staffing partner will contact you when they find candidates who are a good match for your company, whether you have a job posting or not. It is up to you whether you have the budget or need for an additional individual, but an effective staffing vendor will present top-notch candidates who are a good match for your needs, goals and values.

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Landing the Best. Five Ways to Woo Top Talent.

January 20th, 2012

Finding top talent for your organization can be a challenge. Hiring new employees can be a long process, and also a costly one. So, when you have spent the time and resources to find the right candidate, how can you make sure that candidate wants to join your team?

Dangle the carrot and top talent will come your way!

You may have to do a little wooing to land top-tier talent for your organization. The job market is competitive, but truly exemplary talent stands out from the pack, and they deserve your full attention. Here are five ways to land top talent:

  1. Present competitive salaries. It’s an undeniable truth. People like to get paid. It’s not all about the money, of course, but we’d be lying if we said it didn’t matter. You shouldn’t have to offer an outstanding amount (There aren’t too many businesses that can afford that anyway). But, be sure to research the positions for which you’re hiring and the average salaries in your area. That way, you’re prepared to offer a competitive salary, and you won’t put yourself out of the running from the start.
  2. Offer compelling benefits. Do you have regular teambuilders? Does your vending machine offer great snacks? These may seem like minor details, but job satisfaction and having a little fun are tied closely. If you’re unique and your employees like working for you – let prospective candidates know it!
  3. Clearly define the job. If you go out of your way to woo a candidate, but neglect to give a realistic idea of what the job entails, you are setting yourself up for a quick tenure. Be realistic about the job duties, challenges, and potential. That way, new hires won’t be taken aback by unrealistic expectations or a deviation from what was discussed during the hiring process. Give them a clear idea of what your job and company are all about, and you’re setting yourself up for a great partnership.
  4. Avoid major job boards. The most talented professionals aren’t scouring online job boards – they’re driving results for their current employers! Forget about spending countless dollars on big job boards, and focus on specific niche job boards. Or even better, partner with a staffing agency. They have access to professionals who aren’t actively seeking employment, and can find your future superstars.
  5. Offer flexible work arrangements. You don’t need the highest salary or the most robust benefits package when you offer flexible work arrangements. Whether it’s a work-from-home situation, or unique working hours, offer flexibility to your employees wherever possible. As more professionals try to juggle multiple responsibilities in their lives, flexibility on the job can offer the extra incentive needed to join a new company.

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