How to Make Your Business People-Centric

August 8th, 2017

Building a culture within your company that focuses on people as much as it focuses on the bottom line can be a potent tool for improving results. Happier people are more impactful, here are some strategies to make sure you are enhancing your human element:

Give People the Things They Need to Feel Happy

Daniel H. Pink says people are looking for three things from work:  “1. Autonomy – the desire to direct our own lives. 2. Mastery — the urge to get better and better at something that matters. 3. Purpose — the yearning to do what we do in the service of something larger than ourselves.”

Empower your employees to control their productivity by focusing on results, not micromanaging the process. Offer continuous education and training, so your employees have skills that allow them to produce for you and advance themselves. And don’t forget to reinforce company culture constantly, so employees feel like they are part of an ongoing story, not just a daily grind.

Hold Employees Accountable-and Respond with Rewards  

Pete McGarahan of First American Title talks about making accountability part of a people-centric workplace culture: “They fostered a work environment that motivated everyone to do their best, and made it clear that they all worked as a team through consistent feedback and communication. Their successful, people-centric work environment became self-fulfilling with numbers to reinforce good behavior.”

By holding people accountable for their performance and encouraging their successful performance, you tie their job satisfaction to their ability to deliver for your customers.

Celebrate Success

According to Mary Devine, “people are driven emotionally and seek validation and appreciation more than anything else. Rewards and recognition are not just about giving big bonuses and arranging weekly Friday afternoon drinks, which only drives temporary satisfaction. It’s about celebrating your employees as individuals and rewarding them in ways that make them feel valued.”

Finding ways to constantly build value in people as individuals, builds value in your company and customers by making them feel like every interaction is as important as they are.

If you are looking to move your career to a company that maintains a people-centric culture, contact Olympic Staffing. We have the contacts and experience to place you in a company that shares the same values you have.

10 Incentive Ideas for Short-term Employees

February 3rd, 2012

Short-term employees are those who come in to do a job and then move on. They know they are temporary and that often means they do not have the commitment of those who wish to remain with the company long-term do. For those who have to manage a group of people like this, it pays to know a few things you can do to boost productivity and to get the best possible results. If you offer your long-term employees incentives, also remember to do the same for short-term employees. Of course, there will be differences, but they can still be beneficial.

Short-Term Employee Incentives They Will Appreciate

Short-term employees can become long-term ones in some cases. They also can pass on information to prospective other employees in the years to come about the business. It pays to treat them well. The following ten incentives can ensure you treat them well.

  1. Small tokens of appreciation work well with temps. Use gift cards or other items as a way to say thank you. Create a fun contest to give them away to the team.
  2. Be sure to recognize good work. Sometimes, just staying thank you really does make an impact. All employees appreciate this type of attention.
  3. Give short-term employees an ability to offer an opinion about the company through a suggestion box. They can often give you the objective information you need to make your employee environment better.
  4. A bonus does not hurt. If temps help you to meet your sales goal, give them a small percentage for doing so. This can help many to be motivated to work that much harder. Bonuses do not need to be large to be impactful to these employees.
  5. Do invest in time-off incentives. For example, you may only need the extra team members during the holidays but that is when people enjoy being off to spend time with family. Giving a short-term, even hourly employee off with pay could be the best thank you possible.
  6. Buy lunch for everyone every few weeks. This, too, is simple and direct but it is also a great way to show you care. Invest in a fun and lighthearted outing every now and then.
  7. Enroll in discount programs and pass on those program incentives to your employees. Most areas offer these types of programs. The business pays nothing but the employees get significant discounts from area merchants.
  8. Offer a bonus or other benefit to those who complete the most work to a satisfactory level. It is important to show that top performers will be rewarded here. This ensures there is no favoritism in place.
  9. Offer movie tickets or rewards to temporary employees who do well on mystery shops or other secret shopper programs. If an employee does a fantastic job with a customer and it’s easy to recognize this, offer a gift certificate or other reward for the job well done.
  10. Create teams all with equal footing. Reward the winning team for accomplishing goals. Not only does this motivate the entire team, but also it increases productivity throughout the company and builds teamwork skills.

These factors are important tools when building a good rapport with your temporary staff. Incentives are not just retirement plans and paid vacations. They can be simple and straightforward methods of saying thank you. For more tips on treating your short-term employees well, and getting more productivity, be sure to contact the professionals at Olympic Staffing.