Recruiting Tools and Challenges

August 22nd, 2012

With an exponentially quickening pace and the vast expansion of technologies and social media, job recruiters have to adapt quickly, efficiently and seamlessly all the time. Challenges exist today that would not have occurred to recruiters and companies even five years ago. So how can you stay on top of the recruiting game? Follow these guidelines to ensure that your company can survive and thrive:

Utilize social media, and utilize it well.

In a recent survey conducted by JobVite, 92% of recruiters stated that they would use “social recruiting,” or social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, to employ candidates in 2012. The numbers speak quite clearly, indicating something every recruiter should pay attention to: without the proper use of social media and mobile tools, your company will be left behind.

Use Facebook to build a strong company presence on the site, and to garner interest in your product or service. Candidates will see that your business is thriving and want to be a part of that.

Twitter is useful for searching for candidates based on calculated search terms. Including hashtags in tweets for recruiting purposes allows candidates to find your tweets by searching for terms such as #NAJ (“Need A Job”; other suggestions include #employment, #jobsearch, and #sales).

LinkedIn is a resource for candidates and recruiters to network and broadcast their employment needs. The ability to use search parameters to make the pool of qualified candidates smaller and tailored to your needs is a resource that should not be overlooked.

Remember that you are selling each other.

The recession and subsequent growing unemployment rate has had a negative effect on many recruiters and employers; because so many people need jobs, it can be easy to slide into the mindset that only employers have something employees need–and not the other way around. If applicants do not feel that they will be valued or appreciated for their skills and contributions, they will not want to interview or work for your company, and if they do end up accepting a position, there is little guarantee they will stick around. In order to ensure that you do not fall into the trap of the interview power struggle, take just a few minutes before each interaction with a new candidate to remind yourself of what your company can offer that individual. Relay that during the interaction as opposed to focusing solely on what s/he can do for you.

Once you’ve employed a candidate, give him incentive to stay.

In order to prevent your employees from accepting better offers elsewhere, it should be your priority to offer a work situation from which an employee would not want to walk away. Many employers find that offering a better-than-competitive salary creates a reason for their employees to remain there, thus offsetting the costs for continual hiring and training employees due to high turnover rates. Additionally, employers find that the more “perks” they can offer (often at negligible or no cost to the company) the higher their retention of top-quality employees.

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