Organizational Structure Discussion | Arcadia California

November 15th, 2012

No matter what industry you are in, your employees are more likely to benefit from a hierarchical company organization than an egalitarian one. While it may seem archaic and unnecessarily structured to many within the paradigm working toward global equality, it has been observed in numerous studies that people are most responsive to the proverbial “pecking order.” As a company owner or manager, it may become your prerogative to use this to your advantage.

In a thesis on social hierarchy, Joe Magee and Adam Galinsky of New York University, pose that,

The reason that people prefer hierarchical order, as opposed to other types of order, is that hierarchy is particularly effective at facilitating coordination within social groups. … As a mechanism of coordination, hierarchy provides clear lines of direction and deference that maximize the coordination of action for many kinds of tasks, especially in comparison to more egalitarian structures.

In short, your staff is likely to be more productive in a hierarchical office than in one where there is little or no chain of command. What is vital here is the clarity that hierarchy provides–the clear and accepted roles each person plays in an office create a sense of order, which in turns creates a more comfortable, less chaotic atmosphere. If your employees are operating calmly, without underlying structural anxiety, their output is likely to improve.

In a recent article published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, the data of five studies was compiled a reported to indicate that subjects in the studies felt more confident in a company with hierarchy in its organizational chart, and they also showed that they were more readily able to quickly process and recall employees and their relationships given a structured illustration to study, rather than viewing several names group together without any linear connections. These conclusions support the hypotheses of Magee and Galinsky as mentioned above.

Ambiguity often breeds anxiety, and the lack of clarity that looser or non-existent company structures provide is likely to breed a less than stable work environment.

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