May 7th, 2013

The Congressional Budget Office, a nonpartisan organization, first estimated ObamaCare or PPACA Health care reform to cost $940 billion over the coming decade. In early February 2013, it raised that estimate by $233 billion, and who knows how or when the cost may rise again?

While America answers the far-reaching challenges of this impactful legislation, three points of light peek on the horizon.

Soaring costs for health care means people are motivated to look and stay healthier

The idea is that staying healthy will drive down premium costs and the overall cost of individual health care. Increasing amounts of literature and advertisements have been directed at health and wellness.

Rather than intervention, the focus on health care is prevention or maintaining quality of life  (source: Wall Street Journal) and a healthy lifestyle. The mindset toward health, though a process, is beginning to initiate positive results for those who align themselves with it.

People are developing personal goals for their well-being. How does this translate to more jobs in the health care sector?

New areas of employment open for skilled and unskilled labor

Referencing the new healthy outlook, Professionals are needed who can counsel people about achieving and maintaining a healthier life. Positions would include professionals such as sports trainers and nutritionists as well as those willing to sell and administrate these services.

Gyms, fitness coaches, personal trainers and physical and occupational therapists will be able to help all ages. Young people will look for more robust routines, but because people are living longer, older individuals will also be interested in appropriate exercise. Those in care facilities will not only need varied levels of assistance, they will need training to better manage self-care, especially as aging places limits on their abilities and activities.

Longer life spans necessitate more demand for home health aides, long-term care aides, and hospice aides. Also needed will be those who can maintain these records and databases and interact with insurance companies.

New areas of health care technology responds to needs

In keeping with the two aspects above, new technologies will be needed to meet rising demands in health care.

Fitness applications will be designed for use by individuals and to conform to multiple devices. Travelers, marathoners, or other individuals will want to take along their routines or monitor statistics against personal goals.

Easier and more convenient devices such as glucose monitors, or screenings for cancer or other diseases, will be needed. Already, 3-D printers are able to print life size organs. Printing with stem cells is currently being tested.

In response to new avenues of technology, enter a broader role of digital forensics in health care.

Digital forensics involves recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices. Medical data mining involves searchable data by queries, such as treatments for disease states or adverse reactions. Data administrators who can facilitate data input, resolve conflicts and verify accuracy will also be needed.  With the plethora of health care information requiring management, these fields seem strong for job-seekers.

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PPACA is not going away soon, if at all. ObamaCare is the largest body of legislation on health care since 1965’s enactment of Medicare or Medicaid.

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