Make Mobile Marketing Work for Your Business

June 18th, 2012

Over one hundred years ago, the telephone revolutionized global communications. Today, a new set of devices has taken hold of the global communications network and shows no signs of slowing down. Smartphones, tablet computers and the marketing potential that these devices have unleashed have opened up opportunities for small business to compete with in major advertising markets.

So, what is mobile marketing? Loosely defined, it signals the way that companies can market to its consumers where they are – as they travel, where they shop and as they go about their day. Small business owners can tap into the market segments who keep their mobile devices within arm’s reach at all times – and some statistics say up to 87 percent of the world has a mobile subscription.

A Mobile Friendly Web Site
When was the last time you tried to navigate your web site on a smartphone? If you are having trouble reading and using your site with your mobile device, your customers and potential employees are as well. Look to your web site statistics to see what percentage of your users come from a mobile platform, and use that to guide your development of a mobile-friendly web site or associated application.

Make QR Codes Part of Your Strategy
You know those strange little square graphics that look like a bar code? These QR codes are readable by an app available for most smartphones, and instantly connect a user to expanded or enhanced web site content – your imagination is the only limit. It can also lead someone to an inquiry form about your business, a video message or simply detailed information that would be useful in a cell phone format. By integrating these QR codes into your print communications, or creative uses like on in store signage or packaging, you can reach consumers exactly where they are, without having to hope they’ll remember to visit your web site the next time they are near a computer.

Explore Mobile Advertising
As a business, you know a lot about your customers and employees: demographics, psychographics and a general sense of what type of media they consume. With this information in hand, you can compile a series of educated guesses into a comprehensive mobile advertising media plan, inserting banner ads into local apps, pushing out text ads based on lists of leads or even sponsor advertising on popular mobile-friendly web sites.

Olympic Staffing can help your business reach job seekers and companies alike through the power of mobile marketing. Contact our office today for our input on how we can help you.