How Job Seekers Can Reach Their Long-Term Career Goals

June 12th, 2012

When planning your long-term career goals, you should thinking of your career as a journey – not as a destination. Are you feeling stuck? Out of place? Unfulfilled? Wherever you are at this moment is not where you have to remain, and with a few simple strategies, you can make your own luck as you work to achieve success in a career.

Identify Goals

Goals are moving targets: they shift and evolve over time. What you can do as a job seeker is to align your goals with core beliefs and interests, which are less likely to change drastically between now and two, ten or twenty years from now. Look around for examples of the success you want to see in your life, and build upon your strengths to make sure those goals are realistic. Don’t be afraid to think big, and write these goals down. That helps to make them more permanent in your mind, and serves as a handy reference to refer to later on.

Build a Foundation

Once you have a set of goals in mind, start thinking about the skills, knowledge and experience you will need in order to be successful in that possible future. You can ask yourself, how do I adapt my current skills to new or other industries? Or consider what you are doing to increase your knowledge of a certain topic. Never stop learning, since the knowledge you acquire in one area may have strong dividends down the road in another. Don’t wait for opportunities to be offered, either. In many cases, you need to ask for them directly. Make sure to be visible in your office and industry, or to find mentors (in your organization or outside it) who can give you perspective and guidance.

Remember, opportunities crop up when you least expect them; you need to be prepared for unexpected chances to take a big step closer to your goal.

Keep Moving Forward

Follow the saying; don’t wait until tomorrow to do what you could do today. The process of reaching your long-term career goals is a marathon, not a sprint, and the incremental progress you make toward your goals is still progress! You are the best person to write your own story by way of the path you take on your way to a successful future, so see everything as an opportunity.

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