Tips to Make Your Administrative Resume Stand Out From the Pack | Olympic Staffing

January 7th, 2012

As an experienced administrative pro, you undoubtedly have the skills and experience needed to make a big impact on any organization. Whether you are newer to the workforce, or a seasoned pro, you’ll need to frame your experience and skills properly in order to land your next job.

How can I make my administrative resume stand out to potential employers?

When it comes to administrative positions, you’ll be struggling to stand out among hundreds of potential candidates, many of whom share your skills and experience. So how can you stand out? Here are four tips to help you create an administrative resume that stands out from the pack:

  1. Share your accomplishments. Be sure to highlight your specific skill sets that are pertinent to the position. But, your resume should focus primarily on your workplace accomplishments. Did your organizational skills save your last employer on their shipping costs? Were you promoted within a short amount of time? Give tangible examples of your accomplishments wherever possible.
  2. Go outside your job description. As an administrative professional, your duties often fall outside those of your standard job description. Were you responsible for training new office assistants? Did you coordinate client communications, or delivery of goods? Pay special attention to examples of work that went above and beyond to contribute to your team. The demands on administrative staff are often very unique, so be sure to show how you stood out from your peers.
  3. Toot your own horn. Be sure to include any additional training or education you have received, even if it’s not directly linked to the position for which you’re applying. Whether it’s a degree, or an online course in a proprietary software, let your employer know that you are constantly learning and seeking out new information. This will help show initiative, and a long-term approach to your career.
  4. Show stability. Highlight long-term employment (and growth within that company), or other items that demonstrate your reliability and stability (including attendance). Administrative staff are the hub of many businesses – without you, organizations can quickly turn to chaos. By showing that you are a stable, reliable employee, you are helping to set yourself apart from the pack.

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