Networking Advice You Haven’t Heard Of

September 19th, 2012

Everyone knows that networking is vital, regardless of one’s specific goals, interests or career aspirations. And in the days of increasingly impersonal connections, it is important for those wanting to make lasting impressions to consider tactics that will set them apart from others by creating positive associations with influential individuals. Consider doing the following to increase your chances of building a lasting, beneficial network for yourself:

Prepare to spend money. Courting network connections is like dating, and dating costs money. A coffee meeting here, a couple of sports event tickets there, and those costs can add up. Plan accordingly in your monthly budget for these costs, and consider them expenses in building a network for yourself, which will benefit you in both the short and long term. Sacrificing a little in the present in order to court connections could put you in a position of opportunity for a better position, larger salary, or most comprehensive benefits package, and the payoff will be well worth it.

Remember the details. Take note of what people say in conversations, emails, even anecdotes in their presentations.  Review these notes later, and add reminders in your calendar for making contact based on those details. For instance, if someone mentioned that her child was raising money for a charitable organization, send a donation and a card. Or perhaps you find out that you share a birthday with a connection; don’t forget to send him a card. (Again, this is where costs can add up!) Remembering and reviewing details in a thoughtful, organic manner is an excellent way to create positive associations.

See the big picture. Networking does not frequently produce instant benefits. It can take months of putting concentrated effort into making connections before any observable progress is noted. However, it is imperative that you not waste time being shortsighted in your quest for connectedness and opportunity. Networking is also about sitting back and allowing things to be set in motion. Immediate benefits are often outweighed by long-term benefits that can create even more fulfilling, enriching opportunities.

Setting yourself apart from other similarly able, similarly educated people can seem daunting, but with a little bit of work, and persistence, and trust in the process, you can create a large network of people that can benefit not only yourself, but everyone in it as well. Contact Olympic Staffing today to connect you with the perfect position!