Industry Employment Trends

October 15th, 2013

When setting out on a job hunt, it can be helpful to know which industries are growing, and which are experiencing downturns. While we cannot change our entire skill set to suit a shifting landscape, we can tailor our resumes to focus on the skills that lend themselves to industries in need of fresh faces.

For instance, in August 2013, there were 20% more job postings in the transportation industry as there were the year before. In the same time frame, opportunities in manufacturing fell by 5%. If you have previously worked in an industry that is currently offering fewer job openings, it may be time to consider which skills are transferable.

Here’s a look at hiring trends as of August 2013. Percentages represent increases/decreases in number of job postings since August of 2012.

Healthcare -17%
Human Resources -10%
Information Technology -10%
Manufacturing -5%
Education -5%
Media 0%
Real Estate 0%
Financial Services and Banking 3%
Construction 4%
Accounting 6%
Retail 12%
Transportation 20%
Hospitality 34%

It’s worth noting that in August of 2012, the education sector was up 22% from 2011. Likewise, transportation was down 18%.

Trends can be volatile, so it is important not to select your career path based on upward swings. If you feel passionately about information technology, we would never suggest you pursue a career in construction simply because it has slightly more hiring opportunities right now. However, it would be worth your while to seek out a temporary position in construction where your technology skills could be of use.

Taking such a job would allow you to maintain your income, while broadening your skill set. Then, when trends shift, you will have more to offer a potential employer in your desired industry, and you won’t be left having to explain any gaps in your employment.