Leadership Characteristics | Optimism

October 17th, 2012

Optimists are inherently better leaders for an incredibly simple reason: they are happier individuals, and happier individuals are freer to be more effective in whatever arenas they choose. There are many reasons why optimism is a highly desirable quality in leaders and potential employees, and they are compelling enough to give even the greatest pessimist pause.

Optimists get people talking. It is accepted that, in order to be the best in one’s industry, one must know the product or service he is providing better than anyone else. And the most effective and precise way to receive feedback is directly from customers. People are much more open conversationally with individuals who are showing positive interest in what is being said, which leads to more specific, honest evaluations. If this information is utilized properly, it can improve a company’s product or service and increase revenue and reputation.

Optimists are approachable. Positive-minded managers more likely to have employees come to them with new ideas. Why? Think about it: if a manager’s style is open and encouraging, employees are much more likely to feel that they will be heard and met with enthusiasm. Cultivating this environment in your company will likely lead to more creative problem solving, a collectively invested staff, and increased efficiency and productivity.

Optimists make it work. Whatever the situation’s parameters, optimists understand how to survey the scene and provide the best possible outcome given the circumstances. In business, when life gives optimists lemons, they make lemonade–and sell it for a tidy profit. This creative problem-solving skill is a boon to business owners, and is inspiring to lower-level workers. Using what is available to produce a positive outcome is a skill that can be extended to any type of establishment in any industry.

Positive people on your payroll can help grow your business and make a positive impact on your industry and community. The inherent tendency toward a “glass-half-full” outlook in your managerial staff could mean serious profit increases. Olympic Staffing has the experts and experience to bring you ideal employees with a positive outlook. Let us help you build your most important asset today!