Business Communication Advice | California

November 13th, 2012

Increasing your employees’ productivity may seem like an elusive concept, but the reality is that you have the capability to motivate your team by making even minor adjustments to your management style. It is practically impossible to be productive when staff fears outbursts from you on a daily or weekly basis. Try implementing the following ideas and see if your office begins to work more cohesively–and more productively. All you have to remember is, “Speak.”


Speak–do not yell. When you are speaking, you are not yelling, and yelling has been criticized recently by the WSJ as an ineffective communication tactic. When you speak at an appropriate volume and speed, you show that you are in control of yourself and the situation, and you show your employees that you are not acting emotionally, but rationally. Remember, employees are people, and people often come with baggage–you never know what kind of defense mechanisms your works have built around yelling, and what kinds of emotions they will experience just from the volume and tone of your voice. Speak to your employees to communicate with them about what went wrong, what you expect to rectify the situation, and what you want done differently in the future.


Speak–do not email or text. It is extremely easy to say things in haste and then press ‘send’ on an email or text. Or, you might find yourself in the sometimes tempting realm of self-righteousness, wherein an email to a worker turns into sanctimony. Finally, you may find that when you step away, you have been much more verbose than necessary, and you might have even brought up points that are irrelevant to your main point. Do not make contact if you are angry unless you plan to actually speak to the individual at whom your anger is directed, whether on the phone or in person. Taking the time to do this will allow you to cool off enough to speak rationally at an appropriate volume and tone, as mentioned above.


Speak–do not keep things bottled up. One point made in the WSJ article is that discouraging yelling or angry communication between coworkers is that people may interpret this as your not wanting any communication in the office. It is your responsibility to model how you want your employees to behave and communicate. If something has upset you, model the behavior you’d like to see: take a moment to gather your thoughts, speak directly to the person on the phone or in person, and speak calmly and only about what has happened, how to fix it and how you’d prefer things go in the future. Just as children model the behavior of their parents, your employees (to a somewhat lesser degree, of course) will model your communication techniques.


Communication is tough on everyone. Parents, teachers, managers, coaches, everyone has to deal with angry communication at certain points. All you must remember to have success without yelling is: “Speak.” Contact us today to find managers and employees who possess the rational communication skills you seek that will help your business grow!