How You Can Tell You’re Doing a Good Job

December 20th, 2016

When you’ve worked at the same place or in the same position for a while, it can be hard to measure whether or not you’re doing a good job. You may find yourself feeling stalled or stuck in work; in reality, you could be doing an excellent job and not even giving yourself credit. Here’s how you can tell if you’re doing a good job:

Your Colleagues Respect You.

If you come into work and your colleagues immediately start asking for your opinion, there’s a good chance that they respect you. If they respect you, that means that you’re likely doing a good job with your everyday duties. Other ways in which colleagues can show respect is by requesting your presence in certain meetings or asking you to go to work-related happy hours or social events.

Your Boss Counts on You.

Does your boss assign you important tasks before she assigns them to anyone else? Does she tell you over and over again that she appreciates your help? Does he value your opinion if you speak up in a meeting? If so, your boss counts on you, which also means that you’re doing a good job. If you weren’t doing a good job, your boss wouldn’t rely on you so heavily.

Your Work Has Had a Direct Impact on Your Workplace.

One of the most important ways in which you can determine whether or not you’re doing a good job is by figuring out whether or not your work has had a direct impact on your workplace. Have you invented a new method of inter-office communication that is now being used by everyone? Did you implement a new productivity policy that has been widely adopted? If so, you are likely doing a good job as these types of innovations show you take pride in your work.

If you’ve determined that you’re doing a good job with your current occupation and would like to try either a new career or get a new position with a different company, contact Olympic Staffing. We will be able to help place you in a job in which your skills and experience are put to good use.

The Influencer Marketing Advantage

December 13th, 2016

If you haven’t heard of or used influencer marketing, you need to drop everything and do so immediately. Influencer marketing refers to using social media influencers to advertise your product and service in exchange for compensation, free product, or other various benefits. Here’s why you should use influencer marketing to drive more business to your company:

Reach New Customers.

Influencers in your niche have already done the work for you. They’ve built up a following of people who are interested in a particular topic or category that your product/service just so happens to match. By marketing with an influencer, you will be reaching new customers whom you would have never been able to reach in any other medium.

Establish New Relationships.

Putting your product or service before social media influencers will help you establish new relationships. If an influencer believes in your product/service, they will not hesitate to introduce you to other influencers or industry leaders whom can help you.

Have a Higher Engagement Rate.

Because you’re advertising to people in a particular niche and not just to the entire Internet, you are bound to have a higher engagement rate. This could mean more clicks to your website, more social media follows, or even more direct sales. When you start seeing how high the engagement rate is, you will wonder why you even bothered with Facebook or Google Ads in the first place.

If you’ve determined that you’d like to implement influencer marketing, you will need someone who is going to run the program and help you identify the specific influencers in your niche. Contact Olympic Staffing, and we can help you find that individual who will help you manage your influencer marketing program.


Discovering Your Leadership Style

December 6th, 2016

Whether you supervise a few employees, manage a department, or own the company, effective leadership is essential to ensuring everything runs smoothly. First-time leaders, however, often make the mistake of emulating a leadership style that doesn’t fit their personality, which leads to stress for both the leader and the employees. Here’s how you can find your leadership style:

Assess How You Communicate.

How you communicate says a lot about your leadership style. Or, do you like to communicate directly and in-person? Do you prefer indirect communication via e-mail and other social media/mobile options?

Assess How You Problem Solve.

Are you a proactive leader, who prefers to stay ahead of problems? Or, are you a reactive leader, preferring to wait until problems arise, so you don’t spend time or energy dwelling on hypothetical situations?

Assess How You Reward Employees.

Do you like to give your employees merit for each little good achievement they have? Or, do you prefer to reward your employees at milestones or “big moments.”

These and other questions will help you determine your leadership style. Many leaders have a mixture of styles. Taking the time to understand your dominant and secondary styles, and then building on your strengths will pay off in your career.  Knowing your natural leadership style will help you excel in your leadership roles.

If you’ve determined your leadership style and would like to lead in your job but your current position doesn’t include it, contact Olympic Staffing. We will be able to help you find a job that puts your personal leadership style to good use and lets you thrive as a leader.

Recruiting a Great IT Team

November 29th, 2016

Regardless of whether or not you are an IT company, your staff uses technology every day as part of your operations. For this reason, it’s important to have an IT team that can not only help you in times of need but can also proactively fix problems. Here’s how you can recruit a great IT team.

Attend College Job Fairs.

One great way to recruit an outstanding IT team is to attend college job fairs. You can make an effort to talk to Computer Science or IT Management graduates to maximize your time there. These new graduates will be hungry for experience as they transition to the next phase of their lives and will be willing to work hard.

Reach Out to Coding Bootcamps.

A lot of people are making an effort to learn how to code because they know how important it is. What most people don’t know, however, is how needed basic IT skills are in a company. You can always reach out to coding boot camps to see if any of their graduates are looking for a job that has components both of web development and IT tech support.

Implement a Test in the Hiring Process.

Your technology is only as good as your IT team, and that’s why you need to make sure that your new recruits can respond to challenges on the fly. As part of the hiring process, you should implement a series of challenges that could potentially come up in the role of an IT manager. Then, you should see how long it takes your recruits to fix the problem and make decisions based on that.

If you have decided that you need to expand your IT team, contact Olympic Staffing. We have the experience to be able to match you up with a reputable IT candidate who can help meet your company’s ever-growing, ever-expanding IT needs.