The Etiquette of Following Up

November 7th, 2017

When you’re applying for jobs, you will need to have a good sense of following up to make sure that your application doesn’t fall through the cracks. It’s essential to abide by simple rules of etiquette, so you don’t annoy your hiring manager. Here are some tips from Olympic Staffing.

There’s a Fine Line Between Persistence and Annoyance.

It’s okay to be persistent; it’s not okay to be annoying. There is a fine line, and you will quickly learn what that line entails when you cross over it. It’s always better to err on the side of caution when it comes to follow-up, though, so you should aim to follow up no more than once – maybe twice/per week, depending on the circumstances.

Keep Diligent Notes.

You don’t want to accidentally follow up with someone with whom you’ve already corresponded with more than once this week. This is why it’s imperative for you to keep notes diligently on your end about who you talk to, when, and what they say. This will help you from getting confused and will ensure your interactions are positive as opposed to a negative, no matter what the outcome is.

Be Courteous about Times.

If you are going to follow up via phone or e-mail, you need to be courteous about the times in which you do so. As a general rule of thumb, don’t send any e-mails or make any calls before 9 A.M. or after 7 P.M.  If you do so, you run the risk of annoying whomever you want to follow up with, which will not bode well for you at all.

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Can You Trust Your Employee?

October 17th, 2017

Trust is key when deciding whether or not to keep an employee on board. You need to have a basic level of trust with all your employees. As the saying goes, “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” Don’t let one untrustworthy employee ruin it for the rest.   Here’s how you can determine if you can trust your employees.

Assign an Important Role.

One great way to determine whether or not you can trust an employee is to assign them an important role. This could be limited to a particular project, or it could mean assigning them more responsibility overall. The key is that you are looking to see if they can handle that particular project or task. If they can’t step up or display traits that aren’t great, you may have your answer.

Give More Freedom.

Though this might seem counterintuitive, giving employees more freedom instead of less is a good way to see if they can be trusted. A lot of employees will stay within the bounds of your trust and will behave appropriately; watch out for employees who will take your trust too far and make it hard for you to trust them again.

Listen to Colleagues.

If you want to know whether or not you can trust a particular employee, listen to their colleagues. You can get a lot of intel by learning what someone’s coworkers think about them, especially in a setting where they have had to trust that particular coworker.

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How to Talk Yourself Up – but Still Be Humble

October 3rd, 2017

If you’re at the point in your career where you want a promotion or would like to have more of an impact, you may need to talk yourself up a little bit so that you can earn recognition for the work you’re doing. However, you still need to stay humble, which can be a little bit of a delicate balance. Here’s how to talk yourself up but still be humble.

Start with a Tangible Work Example.

If you want to give yourself a little bit of credit or attention without feeling like you’re bragging, try bringing up a tangible work example in which you had an instrumental part. Bring up the work issue that was presented, how it was solved, and what role you played in it. This will help plant the seed of you being a resourceful and productive employee.

Give Colleague References.

If you’re looking for more ways to bring attention to yourself in a humble manner, you could always give colleagues specific references in which you’ve done so. This is similar to giving a tangible work example, but in this instance, you are prompting colleagues to respond to actual instances in which you may have affected their particular result or outcome at work. When you do this, it is likely that your colleagues will step up to bat for you when surrounded by your superiors, which will end up giving you more credibility while remaining humble.

End with Constructive Feedback or Suggestions.

One of the best ways to showcase your knowledge or skill with your job is to give out constructive feedback. When people see that you know what you’re talking about, they will be more likely to consider you an expert in your field and will readily listen to you.

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