E-Mail Etiquette Reminders

February 2nd, 2016

In today’s world, e-mail is used for practically all types of communication. Because e-mail is used so frequently, it’s easy to let professional courtesy slide in situations that demand it. To be a polite and productive employee, you should strive to stay on top of your e-mail behavior. Here are a few e-mail etiquette reminders that everyone in the workplace should keep in mind:

Don’t Send E-Mails Too Late or Early

If you’re working late (or early), it can be tempting to send an e-mail at that time, so you no longer have to think about it. However, receiving a work e-mail during off-hours can often be disruptive and can be construed as being disrespectful. If you write an after-hours e-mail, either save it as a draft or schedule it to go out during work hours.

Only CC in Appropriate Circumstances

There is a simple protocol around CC’ing and when it should be used. If it’s directly related to someone, significantly relevant, or important to keep them in the loop and updated, a CC is appropriate. If it doesn’t fit at least two of those categories, don’t CC it. It will only be an encumbrance.

Be Courteous with Attachments/Links

Before you attach a huge file, think twice. Big files can slow down your recipient’s e-mail processors. Also, be courteous when you send links. It takes two seconds to hyperlink the link so your recipient can easily click on it. Make sure to write links out fully so your recipient can see what s/he is clicking on.

Pause Before Sending a Frustrated Response

If you’re frustrated, pause awhile – maybe even several hours – before responding. This gives you time to think about whatever frustrated you and write a professional, rather than emotional response – or maybe choose to not respond at all.  Often, writing the e-mail and discarding it can have a powerful therapeutic effect if you just need to vent. Either way, sending a heated e-mail is rarely a good idea.

If you feel as though you have great e-mail etiquette and are looking for a job, contact Olympic Staffing. We will be able to help you find work with a company who will take note of your e-mail etiquette and will use that as another reason to hire you.