The Olympic Story

Mike Lamp started Olympic Staffing Services inspired by two ideas.

First, the Olympic Games were coming to town the summer of 1984. The Olympic spirit of excellence inspired him to think hard about what was missing from the staffing sector: talent. There were—and still are—a lot of staffing companies that can source average candidates, yet no one was sending out winners who could achieve Olympic heights. Many companies were dissatisfied with the lack of skilled talent. In the Olympic spirit, we recruited the best, and this allowed Olympic Staffing Services to reach new heights. Our clients quickly found that our high-caliber candidates offer value for money: They learn fast, work smart, and bring a level of expertise that helps clients complete projects ahead of deadline and under budget.

Second, he had the bolt of intuition that most people—including clients, employees, and our staff—are most motivated and creative when they have a place at the table, a way to push back and disagree. So he set out to create a consultative business model that opened the door to individual, creative ideas. In practice, this means that we talk in-depth with both clients and candidates about how to meet human resource challenges to achieve mutual goals.

Here is an example of how we put these principles into practice in arriving at a non-traditional solution: Home Savings of America was about to move its headquarters from downtown Los Angeles to Irwindale, but many full-time employees were jumping ship because they did not want to commute to the new location. So Olympic recruited great candidates from the San Gabriel Valley who were willing to commute to the old Los Angeles location for six months until the move was complete. The kicker: Olympic paid their commuting costs by purchasing bus passes for the Olympic employees. The new employees were ecstatic for the work, and Home Savings was able to utilize hourly employees from the new neighborhood before the move was completed. Over thirty employees began their careers six months sooner and were hired full-time after the new building was completed. This is just one of many case histories that demonstrate Olympic’s commitment to creativity in developing strategic solutions for the clients’ and our staffing employees’ best interest. Olympic solved the premature resignation problem with a cost-effective and productive solution.

Today’s successful businesses are often defined by the speed at which they apply talented staff to accomplish business objectives. Moving quickly demands a flexible workforce, and Olympic is here to deliver. Our clients tap into nearly 38 years of experience serving the Los Angeles, Orange County, and Inland Empire areas every time they pick up the telephone and call us for their staffing needs. Through our network of offices, we maintain a large database of Olympic staffing employees that have been qualified through our extensive skill testing, interviews, reference checks, and on-the-job performance appraisals. Olympic professionals have years of in-depth experience in a broad array of industries to assure clients’ staffing needs are met and their expectations exceeded.

Olympic Staffing Services keeps the client’s and employee’s best interests in mind as we discover ways to meet the expanding needs of the business communities we have served for over 38 years. Olympic continues to scale new heights in providing innovative solutions for clients and employees.

Company Facts

Michael J. Lamp, President and Founder
Brian P. Lamp, Vice President and General Manager

Locations Served
Los Angeles County
Orange County
Inland Empire
Gateway Cities
San Fernando Valley
San Gabriel Valley
South Bay
Westside Cities

Professional Areas Served
Accounting & Finance
Human Resources (HR)
Information Technology (IT)
Legal – Administrative
Marketing & Sales
Medical – Administrative

Staffing Solutions
Direct Hire
Executive Search
Payrolling Service
Temporary Staffing
Temporary to Full-Time
Transitional Staffing
Workforce Management

Our Affiliations
American Staffing Association (ASA)
Employers Group
Industry Manufacturers Council