Welcome to Olympic Staffing Services!

Let me start off by saying “Thank you” for visiting our website, for seeking information about Olympic, and, to our current clients and employees, for choosing us as your strategic partner.  We have been working for 38 years to surpass the needs of our clients.  Our solutions help our clients increase profitability and productivity through flexible workforce management.  We offer straightforward solutions to some of your most complex business challenges.

We understand these are still uncertain economic times.  Many businesses are struggling to survive, and professionals continue to seek opportunities to help them reach their career goals.  For businesses, the number one cost is personnel, and the number one savings comes from staffing at a level that lets the customer operate profitably and quickly add staff as demand grows.

Come to Olympic Staffing.  We will work together to develop a plan that optimizes your permanent and temporary workforces to decrease your costs and help your business stay the course.  We will develop creative ways to manage the evolving needs of your business.

And to our talented professionals, we are grateful for your loyalty and productivity.  Your hard work fulfills our clients’ needs and helps ensure the future growth and prosperity of Olympic.  Our team is committed to being your “career agent,” finding you new opportunities as you seek new directions and goals in your careers.

We welcome an opportunity to help take your business—or your career—to new levels.

Sincerely Yours,

Michael Lamp
CEO, Olympic Staffing Services