Discovering Your Leadership Style

December 6th, 2016

Whether you supervise a few employees, manage a department, or own the company, effective leadership is essential to ensuring everything runs smoothly. First-time leaders, however, often make the mistake of emulating a leadership style that doesn’t fit their personality, which leads to stress for both the leader and the employees. Here’s how you can find your leadership style:

Assess How You Communicate.

How you communicate says a lot about your leadership style. Or, do you like to communicate directly and in-person? Do you prefer indirect communication via e-mail and other social media/mobile options?

Assess How You Problem Solve.

Are you a proactive leader, who prefers to stay ahead of problems? Or, are you a reactive leader, preferring to wait until problems arise, so you don’t spend time or energy dwelling on hypothetical situations?

Assess How You Reward Employees.

Do you like to give your employees merit for each little good achievement they have? Or, do you prefer to reward your employees at milestones or “big moments.”

These and other questions will help you determine your leadership style. Many leaders have a mixture of styles. Taking the time to understand your dominant and secondary styles, and then building on your strengths will pay off in your career.  Knowing your natural leadership style will help you excel in your leadership roles.

If you’ve determined your leadership style and would like to lead in your job but your current position doesn’t include it, contact Olympic Staffing. We will be able to help you find a job that puts your personal leadership style to good use and lets you thrive as a leader.

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