Making The Most of Your New Hire’s First Day

February 9th, 2016

Hiring a new employee for your company is a big step. To get your new hire on the right foot, there are specific things you should do on his or her first day to set him/her up for success. Consider these tips.

Introduce Them to People

Make your new employee feel like they’re cared about and part of the company. The easiest way in which you can do this is to introduce your new employee to people. While they might have a hard time remembering names, your current employees will remember that there’s a new employee in the coming weeks and will make an effort to include them.

Brief Them on the Company Policies

It’s hard to be the new kid in town. One way you can combat this feeling of being new is to brief your new employee on the company policies right away. Though it might take a few weeks to stick, it would be helpful for them to start learning how to do things the right way from day one.

Don’t Overwhelm Them

Make sure you don’t overwhelm your new hire on the first day. They are going to have to learn names, policies, and rules – all while trying to do a good job for their hired task at hand. If you have a lot, you need to tell them or show them, try to break it down into deliverables that can be spread out over their first week.

Ask for Their Input/Feedback

The best way to make sure your new employee has a great first day is to ask for their input/feedback. Encourage them to speak up if they have any questions or to ask for help if they need it. After the day has concluded, you can ask them what they think about what they have been assigned so far or any other details that are pertinent to the company. Not only will you receive valuable information, but your employee will feel included and start to bond with the company.

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