Does Your Management Inspire Commitment or Compliance?

February 23rd, 2016

When managers create a supportive environment, it can motivate workers to take initiative and be engaged or committed to their work. On the other hand, managers who don’t connect may get compliance, but very little commitment. Why not grade your management by asking these questions about your employees?

Do your employees

  • Fail to understand the reason behind policies?
  • Only fulfil the minimum requirement – nothing extra?
  • Have an attitude of obligation rather than willingness?
  • Disconnect during meetings?
  • Require reminders of even the usual tasks?
  • Need to be told what to do?
  • Rarely seek additional assignments?
  • Fail to interact more than the basics with customers?

If there are multiple yes answer to these questions, it might be time to evaluate your management style.

On the other hand,

Do your employees

  • Show enthusiasm for their work?
  • Demonstrate initiative when tasks are on schedule?
  • Anticipate problems and think of creative solutions.
  • Ask questions when they don’t understand?
  • Approach new challenges with a positive, confident attitude?
  • Understand the reason behind the methods, policies, etc.?
  • Seek upward growth and new experiences?
  • Go beyond what is required?
  • Connect at group meetings?
  • Lend a helping hand when coworkers need one?
  • Initiate connection with customers and leave a positive impression?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, you are on the right track and Olympic Staffing offers a round of applause. We know your management will inspire committed rather than compliant employees, and you will soon be needing more workers to meet company growth. Give us a call today. We will match you with employees who thrive under great management. .




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