Mediating Conflict Between Management

December 8th, 2015

It’s pretty commonplace for employees to have conflict amongst themselves. As a boss or owner of a company, it’s your job to make sure that conflict is successfully worked through. Conflict is limited to general staff, however, sometimes it spreads to your management team. Here’s how to mediate conflict between management.

Figure Out the Root Issue.

The easiest way to mediate conflict between any two people is to figure out the root issue. Especially if there is an issue between two managers or higher-ups, the root of the conflict can often be convoluted. In order to figure out the root issue of an argument, you will need to direct the conversation to being more about feelings than facts. Though facts are important to assigning fault, feelings are often what get in the way of making good decisions.

Compromise on Solutions.

Because you are dealing with two managers, you will need to compromise on solutions. It’s likely that both think they have a specific way of doing something that’s right. As the owner of the company, it’s your job to make sure they know they are probably both right to a certain degree, but need to reach a solution together. One effective way of doing this is bringing both employees in the same room with the goal of reaching a solution before leaving.

Bring in Team Members if Necessary.

Even though you’re dealing with management, you may need to bring in additional team members for support or to help facilitate the process. You may also need to call on their personal experiences as a way of deciding who to prioritize in the solution process. Objective third parties can often provide valuable insight into understanding why your management team thinks and behaves the way it does.

Mediating conflict between management is crucial because it ensures the success of your company and the well-being of your employees. When seeking new or replacement employees,  contact Olympic Staffing. We focus on listening to your needs and matching you with employees who fit.


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