How to Appeal to and Recruit Creative Individuals

November 3rd, 2015

Creative people often don’t operate in the same way that technical or pragmatical people do. Often, they’re on their own schedule in terms of when creativity strikes and when they’re able to effectively implement their creative concepts. No matter what job description or title you’re recruiting, you will need to do things a little differently if you’re trying to attract a creative person. Here’s how to appeal to and recruit creative individuals:

Promote Independence.

This is one of the biggest attractors for a creative individual. When someone is trying to come up with a really creative idea, they need to be able to do it on their own terms and timeline. Whether this independence comes in the form of schedule flexibility or individual responsibility, it needs to be stressed in the first interview so the creative recruit doesn’t feel stifled or that they’ll be micro-managed in any way.

Ask Their Input.

When you’re meeting with the creative recruit for the first time, make sure to ask their input on a creative manner. This will help you see their train of thought and how they process things; this will also help them realize that they do have an input and that it will be highly valued in the company. You will also get their wheels turning on the types of creative requests you will ask of them in the future.

Assess Their Needs.

When you’re meeting with the creative recruit, don’t forget to ask about their needs. Creative individuals often have a specific set of needs to ensure their optimal creativity, so you will want to adhere to those needs as much as possible. This will show the recruit that you’re focused on their happiness and success within the company as you figure out your working relationship.

If your company is in need of a creative individual, contact Olympic Staffing. We will be able to find you a highly creative person who is skilled and trained in the fields you need in order to further your company. You will find that your company will run a lot smoother and will be much more innovative if you have a creative individual as part of your team.


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