How to Handle Your New Managerial Position

October 13th, 2015

You’ve just been promoted, and you’re feeling pretty good. All of your efforts putting in long hours and going the extra mile have really paid off, and now you are exactly where you want to be. So what’s next? Here’s how you tips for handling your new managerial position:

Don’t Get Power Hungry.
Now that you’re in charge, it would be easy to abuse your powers and start making big decisions or bossing people around. This isn’t the best strategy to adopt, however; especially if you want to maintain the relationships you have developed with your colleagues. Ease into your new position and responsibilities by making small changes gradually. If you make too many big changes too quickly, you may alarm your colleagues and make them feel as if they made a bad decision.

Start Slow with Colleagues.
Your colleagues you previously worked with in a more egalitarian capacity might feel strange about you in your new managerial capacity. If it turns out that you are in charge of them or are assigning their duties, start slow with how much you are asking them to do. You want to establish the rapport and trust as you would if you were their equal, so you need to spend the time doing that. Once they see that you’re the same person with an elevated level of responsibility, they will be more likely to respect you in your new role.

Delegate Whenever Possible.
It will take you a little while to get used to the increase in responsibility and duties. However, you will still need to do a good job from the second you are promoted so your superiors and colleagues can trust in you and your abilities. The best way in which you can handle your increased load of responsibility is to delegate whenever appropriate. This will help you get the job done faster and ensure that you are getting everything done that needs to get done.

Check in With Superiors.
Unless you’ve been promoted to the top of the top, you likely will have superiors that you report to. When you are promoted to your new position, it’s a good idea for you to sit down with them and discuss your role so that you aren’t stepping on their toes. This will also show them that you are being proactive about any potential issues and are taking your job very seriously.

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