How to Brand Yourself

September 1st, 2015

When you’re serious about building a career, you need to brand yourself. Branding yourself will not only help you secure more jobs in the future, but it will also help you become an “industry leader” in your particular field. You will see more doors open once you start doing this, so let’s get started.

Establish a Consistent Web Presence.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to brand yourself is to establish a consistent web presence. Make sure that all of your social media identities are conveying the same message to anyone who may stumble upon or interact with them. For example, your website should be straightforward and professional – so it’s not a great idea to be constantly Tweeting out inappropriate videos.

Attend Professional Events.

Attending professional events is a great way to brand yourself beyond the scope of the digital world. If you start attending certain events in specific categories, people will start to associate your personal brand with the theme of those events. You can use a variety of websites to find groups, such as, or you can ask your co-workers what professional events they are attending.

Invest in Business Cards and Resumes.

When you’re at networking events advertising your personal brand, your collateral needs to match your claims. Invest in professional business cards and cardstock resumes so you can play the part as well as you are saying it. You won’t need to spend more than twenty-five dollars, and this can easily be done on a site such as

Provide Value to Co-workers.

If you provide value (advice or help) in a niche to co-workers, they are likely to view you as an expert in that particular field. When you advertise your personal brand to your peers, you will be establishing it on a baseline level that will carry over to your other personal and professional endeavors.

If you have branded yourself and are looking for a job, contact Olympic Staffing. We will be able to help you find a career that is a good fit and furthers your personal brand on a daily basis. It’s very important to have a career that matches up with your personal brand, or else it will be inconsistent.


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