Why NOT Offer Unlimited PTO?

September 29th, 2015

As company owner, you have probably heard the voices singing about unlimited time off. You’ve always preferred the graduated approach, in which employees earn more paid time off the longer they’ve been working for the company, but you don’t want to be outdated. Think again. While this approach might be great for high-level long-term employees who are on salary anyway, or even a unique way to attract top talent, there are several pitfalls to consider. 

Has the Potential for Abuse

One large downside of giving your employees unlimited PTO is the potential for benefit abuse. Many management personnel already deal with productivity lost due to employees sidetracked by social media and lack of drive. Give them unlimited paid time off, and you might be hiring temps to do the work you already pay your employees to accomplish.

Encourages Employees to Rest and Relax – too much

You already offer three-day weekends at specific holidays. With unlimited time off, watch them grow into four-day breaks – with an extra three-day on a monthly basis. After all if you providing unlimited time-off, why shouldn’t they take it?

Potential Financial Risk

Ok – so you have dependable employees and you’re sure they won’t take unfair advantage, but consider the possibility of PTO overlap. With unlimited paid time off, it could become a common occurrence. Too many people off work at once, leads to a decrease in accountability and production. In addition, you have to consider the chance that someone may take an extended vacation when you really can’t afford to have him/her out of the office.

Of course, each company owner must consider the pros and cons of unlimited PTO and act accordingly, but here at Olympic Staffing, we see more cons than pros. Meanwhile, if you are in need of new employees, contact Olympic Staffing. We will be able to help you find employees who are responsible and willing to work – employees who are happy with traditional vacation packages.


Connecting with Persons Unknown

September 22nd, 2015

Every now and then, you will need to or want to reach someone whom you’ve never met. Luckily, this is a simple feat to accomplish with the help of the Internet. By being resourceful, you should be able to contact most individuals. Here’s how to reach someone without knowing his/her contact information.

Look at Their LinkedIn Profile.

The first step to contacting someone for whom you don’t have any contact information is to look at his/her LinkedIn profile. This is helpful because it will reveal whether or not you have any mutual connections with them. If you do, you can ask your mutual connection to introduce the two of you via LinkedIn. If you don’t have any mutual connections, you may be able to find out their personal website or e-mail directly from their LinkedIn page.

Google Them.

If you can’t find any information via LinkedIn, you can always Google that person. If they have a common name, try adding their school or a recent job in conjunction with the Google search. This will help pull up results that are only specific to them and their experience. Through this method, you may be able to find more information or websites that could possibly lead to their e-mail address or phone number.

Seek Out Social Media Accounts.

Through the Googling method, you can always seek out their social media accounts. Keep in mind that many people don’t use their full first and last name on social media accounts to promote privacy. If you know details about them, you can enter them into the Facebook or Twitter search bar to make your search much easier. If you find their information, don’t hesitate to send them a Facebook message or a Tweet asking for their e-mail address.

Make an Educated Guess.

If all else fails, you can always make an educated guess. Many people use the major e-mail providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail. If you want to try variations of their first and last name, you might just get lucky! Incorrect email will be delivered back to you, and your recipient will never know you tried to send an e-mail to that e-mail address.

Connecting with unmet individuals can usually be accomplished, even if it’s a little tricky. Connecting with Olympic Staffing is a breeze. Contact us today and discover how we can connect you to a best-fit position.

How to Boost Your Company Morale

September 15th, 2015

Sometimes, companies fall into ruts. This could be due to a shift in the employee moods, persistent client demands, or even seasonal issues. As someone who is in charge, it’s important that you boost your company morale so you can keep your employees productive and enjoying their time at work. Here are some helpful tips.

Change Up The Routine.

Sometimes, a simple change in routine will do the trick. There are multiple options, so you will need to brainstorm the way that will be the most effective for your employees and the least disruptive to your business. You could have them come in at different hours, change the office layout, or even adjust break routines. Sometimes, the smallest changes have the biggest impact.

Promote Your Employees.

Promoting deserving employees is always a plus for company morale. Whether you’re promoting them to a new role or a new pay scale, the change will be welcome and will definitely help boost the company morale. If it’s not possible to promote your employees, you could always give them a “performance” bonus.

Diversify Your Client List.

It can be a drag if you have to work with the same clients day after day without any variation. If you have the power to do so, try diversifying your client list. If your company has a niche, try expanding it for the sake of giving your employees something new to try. If you can’t expand past your niche, you can always shuffle some of the clients around so different employees are exposed to different accounts.

Have Fun.

Often, when companies experience burnout, it’s because the If you have the ability to do so, have a “fun” team day at work. This can be as extensive as taking your employees on a company outing or as simple as having a board game day in the office. If you don’t know what your employees consider as being fun, try asking them.

If you have great company morale and would like to hire others to be a part of your team, contact Olympic Staffing. We will be able to help you find employees who will add to your company’s daily presence. Maintaining good company morale is extremely important, so you will need employees who are on board with your vision in order to sustain that morale.



How to Turn Down a Job Offer

September 9th, 2015

There may come the time in your life when you have to turn down a job offer. This could be for a variety of reasons, but it won’t necessarily be easy. When you turn down a job, do it with grace and honesty. Consider these tips.

Thank The Person Who Offered The Job

No matter what, always thank the person who offered you the job. They had to take the time to interview you, look over your information, and consult with other team members about whether or not to bring you onboard. If you begin the interaction with a positive note, they will be that much more receptive and willing to listen to your negation of the job offer.

Detail What You Like About the Company

Don’t give reasons or things that you don’t like about the company. Instead, tell the person who offered you the job details about what you do like at that company. This will give them feedback of what to promote in their next interviews as they try to find new candidates. This will also make them feel more at ease with you; they won’t feel as though your negation of the job offer is related to their company specifically.

Give a Succinct Reason for Turning it Down

When you turn down the position, make sure to give one simple reason that is succinct. Don’t draw it out, because you don’t want your message to get lost in translation. By giving one simple reason, you are making it clear that you are turning down the job offer, but you have a legitimate reason for doing so. The person who offered you the job will be more likely to report that exact reason back to their team. This will help the team to retain a positive perception of you.

Leave Lines of Communication Open

Whenever possible, leave the lines of communication open with that company or interviewer. You never know when you will need to rely on someone in the future, so it’s best to keep as many options open as you can. You may be able to accomplish this by checking in with the interviewer periodically, or by telling them that they can call or e-mail you at any time.

If you have turned down a job offer but still need a job, contact Olympic Staffing. We will be able to help you find a job that is more appropriate and relevant for your unique skillsets and career goals. We are confident that when you are offered a job we find for you, you won’t want to say no.

How to Brand Yourself

September 1st, 2015

When you’re serious about building a career, you need to brand yourself. Branding yourself will not only help you secure more jobs in the future, but it will also help you become an “industry leader” in your particular field. You will see more doors open once you start doing this, so let’s get started.

Establish a Consistent Web Presence.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to brand yourself is to establish a consistent web presence. Make sure that all of your social media identities are conveying the same message to anyone who may stumble upon or interact with them. For example, your website should be straightforward and professional – so it’s not a great idea to be constantly Tweeting out inappropriate videos.

Attend Professional Events.

Attending professional events is a great way to brand yourself beyond the scope of the digital world. If you start attending certain events in specific categories, people will start to associate your personal brand with the theme of those events. You can use a variety of websites to find groups, such as Meetup.com, or you can ask your co-workers what professional events they are attending.

Invest in Business Cards and Resumes.

When you’re at networking events advertising your personal brand, your collateral needs to match your claims. Invest in professional business cards and cardstock resumes so you can play the part as well as you are saying it. You won’t need to spend more than twenty-five dollars, and this can easily be done on a site such as Vistaprint.com.

Provide Value to Co-workers.

If you provide value (advice or help) in a niche to co-workers, they are likely to view you as an expert in that particular field. When you advertise your personal brand to your peers, you will be establishing it on a baseline level that will carry over to your other personal and professional endeavors.

If you have branded yourself and are looking for a job, contact Olympic Staffing. We will be able to help you find a career that is a good fit and furthers your personal brand on a daily basis. It’s very important to have a career that matches up with your personal brand, or else it will be inconsistent.