Should You Pay For Employee Education?

August 11th, 2015

Some employers invest in the continued education of their employees. While this is a definite draw for potential employees, you need to take all of the factors into consideration before you decide whether you’re going to do this. Consider these points.

An Expensive Investment

If you pay for an employee’s education, you are investing both time and money into that employee. This goes two ways; it is an expense you will incur, but it is also an investment. If you help an employee with their education, they will help you with increased knowledge and expertise after they have finished that education. As long as the employee plans to stay with the company, it is likely that you will see a positive return on your investment very quickly.

Consider That Employee’s Future

Paying for an employee’s education will be expensive. If you plan to offer this benefit, you might want to offer it to employees who have proven themselves as being dedicated and committed to the company. Additionally, offering to pay for an employee’s education only makes sense if you see that employee being at the company long-term in a variety of different roles. For example, if you have a particular employee who you would like to shift into a managerial position over the next few years, it makes sense to invest in that education.

Offer as an Incentive

One great aspect about paying for the higher education of your employees is that you can offer it as an incentive. Employees who would have previously not thought of staying that long in your company might now consider it for the added incentive of having a provided education.

Way to Attract Higher-Quality Candidates.

If you offer higher education for your employees, you will attract higher-quality candidates. You will attract candidates who take themselves and your company seriously. If appropriate, you can discuss the fact that you pay for education in the initial interview to gauge who is a “high-quality” candidate.

Regardless of what you decide about paying for employee education, you will want to attract high-quality employees who value themselves and their work seriously. Contact Olympic Staffing and we can help you find that workforce.

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