How to Ace Your Skype Interview

July 28th, 2015

If you are interviewing for a position that is not in geographic proximity to you, you may be asked to complete a Skype interview. Though a Skype interview may feel “less formal” than an in-person interview, the truth is that it might be just as important. Here’s how to ace your Skype interview:

Dress Up.
Even though you’re not going in for an interview, it would still be to your benefit to dress up. Not only will this give your interviewer the impression that you care about the job, but it’ll help you perform and speak better. The confidence you have from dressing well will definitely translate, and you will feel as though you’re dressing for the part.

Sign On at Least Ten Minutes Early.
It’s better to be early than late, and this same adage applies even if you are being interviewed over Skype. Sign on at least ten minutes early so your interviewer can see that you’re online and ready to go. This will show them that you’re responsible, and they might even start the call a few minutes early.

Check Your Microphone and Camera.

Technical errors are much too common these days for you to risk your interview going awry. A day or two before your interview, check your microphone and camera to see that they are working. While a mistake could happen, it’s better to check it ahead of time so you aren’t unprepared in front of your interviewer. You also want to give yourself plenty of time to get any technical errors fixed.

Make Eye Contact with the Camera.

When being interviewed over Skype, it’s natural that you want to look at the interviewer so you can see how he or she is responding. With webcams, though, you will look distracted unless you are looking directly into the camera. If you want to see yourself and your interviewer while you’re making eye contact, you can always drag the preview image closer to the actual webcam so you can do both while maintaining that coveted eye contact.

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