Encouraging Employees to Have Work-Life Balance

July 7th, 2015

It’s easy to be wrapped up in work, especially when there are multiple hard-pressed deadlines or clients have a demanding set of needs. If you’re managing employees, it’s important to remind them to have a work-life balance. While many employees might resist and say that it doesn’t feel natural, you need to encourage them. Here’s why:

They Will Be Happier.

The more interests your employees have outside of work, the happier they will be in the end. Happy employees are good employees because they’re much more pleasant to be around and can keep the mood in the office light and fun.

They Will Be More Productive.

When employees have a work-life balance, they are often more productive. This can be attributed to the fact that employees will work when they are at work instead of wasting time on other activities. They will be able to concentrate for shorter periods of time when they know they’re allowed to have a life after work.

They Will Be More Motivated to Return to Work.

If your employees are regularly vacationing, spending time with family, and working on their passion projects, they will be more motivated to return to work when it’s time to be in the office. They will be able to compartmentalize the different areas of their lives and give focus to each individual area as they see fit.

They Will Be Less Likely To Leave Your Company.

High employee retention should always be a goal of yours as a business owner and a manager of employees. When your employees have high work-life balance, they are more likely to remain in their present position.

If you feel like your employees have achieved a good work-life balance and you’re ready to bring on more team members, contact Olympic Staffing. We will be able to help you find employees who have a predisposition for keeping the balance while still maintaining a high quality of work.


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