Why Write Case Studies 

June 23rd, 2015

If you are a business owner, you may have heard the term “case study” thrown around from time to time. A case study is a tangible example of a company performing a service or selling a product to or on behalf of another company and the subsequent listing of the results. If your company provides services, you should consider writing case studies – here’s why.

Makes New Client Acquisition Easy

When you are trying to attract a new client, one of the first questions they will ask is whether you have any references or examples of your work. If you hand a potential client an organized case study, it will not only be impressive, it will also showcase the quality of your work and how seriously you pride yourself on making lasting first impressions.

Gives Company Talking Points

When people ask about your company or the work that you can do, it can sometimes be overwhelming to summarize your scope of services in an “elevator pitch.” However, if you have a case study or series of case studies nearby, you can reference some of your past examples as talking points. Because you have the data neatly compiled, it will be much easier for you to reference and speak about freely.

Rebuilds Company Confidence

As you are putting together your case studies, you will be reminded of successful projects. Because you will be putting your best work on the page, this can easily serve as a company confidence booster as you recognize of the high-quality work you performed. This may be just the inspiration you need the next time you are feeling stuck on a new project or client.

Serves as a Frame of Reference

Case studies are great tools because they serve as a frame of reference on multiple fronts. First, they serve as a frame of reference that you can do the type of work that you are claiming to be able to do. Second, they serve as a frame of reference for your internal company growth and direction. Third, they serve as a frame of reference for your potential clients if they have any questions for your previous or reoccurring clients.

If you have written one or more case studies of your business’s successes and need help finding employees, contact Olympic Staffing. We can take those case studies and use them to strategically connect you with candidates who meet your needs and requirements.



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