Tips on Increasing Traffic to Your Company Website

June 9th, 2015

Most companies have websites, but many fail to utilize them effectively. The purpose of having a website is not only to provide information for your existing customers; it also should serve as a platform on which you attract new customers and convert leads. In order to do this, you should know some of our best tips on how to increase traffic to your company’s website.

Write a Blog

Blogs are great tools to increase your company website traffic . Two of the top reasons are attraction and reputation. Attraction: you will start ranking in search engines, such as Google, for the topics on which you are regularly blogging. This will draw people to your website and the discovery of your services. Reputation: a great blog generates interest. People will consider your blog and company as a valuable resource in your industry and not only read it themselves, but “like it” to others.

Link to Your Website on Social Media

Social media channels are a great way to reach potential clients and customers that are currently outside of your scope and/or reach. If you link to your website on your social media channels and push it out to a wider audience using hashtags, you are effectively receiving free advertising. Whenever possible, link to your website on social media channels so that people can always click on it if they want more information.

Encourage Others to Link to Your Website

Another way that search engines like Google decide to rank your company website higher is through the use of inbound links. This refers to the number of other websites who link to your website on a consistent basis. The ranking of the other websites is important, but the more that other websites link to your website, the more that search engines will consider your content to be “valuable” and therefore, be more apt to promote you.

Publicize on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great way to network, make business connections, and potentially attract new clients. Whenever you comment on a business discussion or make a change to your profile, make sure people on LinkedIn can click through to your website in just one click. Make everything as easy as possible online, and you will find people clicking through to your website more often than not.

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