How to Work Smarter, Not Harder

June 2nd, 2015

Working professionals often face the challenge of juggling several projects and clients in their quest to reach their career goals while staying on top of the current workload. There is a fine line, of course, between working out of necessity and working out of obligation. Managing the two strategies effectively will help you free up your time. It’s time to work smarter instead of harder – here’s how . . .

Delegate Whenever Possible

Whenever possible, delegate to someone else the applicable tasks. You do not have to personally do every task that falls under your authority. Consider hiring a personal assistant or college intern to help with task management. The saved time each week, peace of mind, and increased productivity may be well worth the extra cost.

Set Designated E-Mail Hours

One of the quickest changes you can make in an effort to work smarter and not harder is to set designated e-mail hours. Avoid the distraction of reading and responding to a sea of e-mails throughout the day. This can be a dangerous line, because you are not actually getting the work accomplished that you need complete; instead, you are merely maintaining the status If you set designated e-mail hours in which you only view and respond to e-mails during those times, you will be freeing up the rest of your day to focus on the tasks that actually matter.

Take Breaks throughout the Day

In the end, working all day is only going to tire you out and reduce your effectiveness. You can only accomplish so much in a given day; it’s better to focus your efforts extensively for a short period of time instead of taking a longer amount of time to do the same work. If you take breaks throughout the day, you are giving yourself mini deadlines to meet. In addition, you are giving your brain a break, ensuring that it will be more prepared to accomplish your next task.

Define One Key Task for the Day

Some people work more than they have to because they are trying to accomplish a lot of different tasks at once. This isn’t effective, because you end up not assigning the required importance to each task. Instead, if you define one key task for the day and you accomplish that, you can rest easy knowing that you completed your work and either take time off or move on to the next project.

Implementing these tips will free time to work on projects of your choice or take some personal time to pursue other interests.

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Tips on Increasing Traffic to Your Company Website


Most companies have websites, but many fail to utilize them effectively. The purpose of having a website is not only to provide information for your existing customers; it also should serve as a platform on which you attract new customers and convert leads. In order to do this, you should know some of our best tips on how to increase traffic to your company’s website.


Write a Blog


Blogs are great tools to increase your company website traffic . Two of the top reasons are attraction and reputation. Attraction: you will start ranking in search engines, such as Google, for the topics on which you are regularly blogging. This will draw people to your website and the discovery of your services. Reputation: a great blog generates interest. People will consider your blog and company as a valuable resource in your industry and not only read it themselves, but “like it” to others.


Link to Your Website on Social Media


Social media channels are a great way to reach potential clients and customers that are currently outside of your scope and/or reach. If you link to your website on your social media channels and push it out to a wider audience using hashtags, you are effectively receiving free advertising. Whenever possible, link to your website on social media channels so that people can always click on it if they want more information.


Encourage Others to Link to Your Website


Another way that search engines like Google decide to rank your company website higher is through the use of inbound links. This refers to the number of other websites who link to your website on a consistent basis. The ranking of the other websites is important, but the more that other websites link to your website, the more that search engines will consider your content to be “valuable” and therefore, be more apt to promote you.


Publicize on LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a great way to network, make business connections, and potentially attract new clients. Whenever you comment on a business discussion or make a change to your profile, make sure people on LinkedIn can click through to your website in just one click. Make everything as easy as possible online, and you will find people clicking through to your website more often than not.


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5 Best Productivity Apps


Over the last few years, many companies and websites have emerged with the sole purpose of increasing productivity. Though some of these websites and companies have a steep learning curve and aren’t altogether helpful, others have proven to be beneficial. Here are the 5 of the best productivity apps you can use to improve your workflow and/or personal productivity.



Dropbox is a great way to keep files accessible for you and for other colleagues or clients with whom you might need to share them. Dropbox is a cloud-based software that can be installed directly on the desktop and allows you to access, edit, and view files from most locations.



Trello is a web-based application that is great for collaborating with other team members about products or projects that need to be completed. Team members can create various visual bulletin boards and assign color-coded markers to each task to annotate varying levels of importance. Changes to the tasks can be seen in real time. You can also assign checklists, due dates, directly mention other colleagues and chat within the app, as well as share files.



Evernote is a great way to manage your personal notes and/or tasks. Though Evernote does have a social collaboration function, it’s much more effective when you can utilize it as an individual. You can create different notebooks and notes within these notebooks to categorize your thoughts and/or work processes. You can also integrate Evernote with your phone and browsers so that you can directly copy bits of information or pictures into your notebook.



Mint is a great way to keep track of your finances, whether you’re an employee or a business owner. You won’t have to spend as much time preparing expense reports or taking pictures of receipts, because Mint can do a lot of that cataloguing and organizing for you. Mint is also accessible via your smart phone, which means that you can work on your finances in between meetings should the need arise.



So many employees spend the day thinking about where they are going to eat for lunch or what dinner plans they should schedule after work. Cut your decision process time in half by using the Yelp app and sorting choices by different categories such as food type, location, delivery features, and menu. The contact information for restaurants and grocery stores is listed in the app, so you can call directly from your phone and not have to waste time doing a search.


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Why Write Case Studies 


If you are a business owner, you may have heard the term “case study” thrown around from time to time. A case study is a tangible example of a company performing a service or selling a product to or on behalf of another company and the subsequent listing of the results. If your company provides services, you should consider writing case studies – here’s why.


Makes New Client Acquisition Easy


When you are trying to attract a new client, one of the first questions they will ask is whether you have any references or examples of your work. If you hand a potential client an organized case study, it will not only be impressive, it will also showcase the quality of your work and how seriously you pride yourself on making lasting first impressions.


Gives Company Talking Points


When people ask about your company or the work that you can do, it can sometimes be overwhelming to summarize your scope of services in an “elevator pitch.” However, if you have a case study or series of case studies nearby, you can reference some of your past examples as talking points. Because you have the data neatly compiled, it will be much easier for you to reference and speak about freely.


Rebuilds Company Confidence


As you are putting together your case studies, you will be reminded of successful projects. Because you will be putting your best work on the page, this can easily serve as a company confidence booster as you recognize of the high-quality work you performed. This may be just the inspiration you need the next time you are feeling stuck on a new project or client.


Serves as a Frame of Reference


Case studies are great tools because they serve as a frame of reference on multiple fronts. First, they serve as a frame of reference that you can do the type of work that you are claiming to be able to do. Second, they serve as a frame of reference for your internal company growth and direction. Third, they serve as a frame of reference for your potential clients if they have any questions for your previous or reoccurring clients.


If you have written one or more case studies of your business’s successes and need help finding employees, contact Olympic Staffing. We can take those case studies and use them to strategically connect you with candidates who meet your needs and requirements.



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