Should You Require Background Checks?

May 12th, 2015

When you hire a new employee to work for your company, you are putting your trust in them. You not only are trusting them with your company; you also are trusting them with your employees, safety, and overall well-being. It is for this reason that many employers require background checks as a standard part of the application process. Here’s how you can determine whether or not to require background checks:

Character measurement is useful.

Many employees will stray from telling the truth when asked about a criminal history on a job application. Requiring a background check as part of the application process will allow you to judge easily the character of your potential recruit. You can gauge a person’s character by whether or not they decide to tell you about something that happened before you discover it via a background check.

It can prevent bad happenings.

It can somewhat go without saying that if you hire employees who have passed a background check, the chances of your preventing a bad happening are much greater. The ability to see which of your potential recruits have any sort of record or police file will help you determine which candidates are at-risk for your company and whether or not you can afford to take that kind of risk.

It depends on the nature of the work.

Whether or not you require background checks really depends on the nature of the work. The nature of the work can be determined by the potential risk at hand, and how those would affect the company. For example, if you were hiring an employee who had to interact with small children and/or animals every day, you might want to require a background check because the stakes are high. However, if you are hiring an employee who is in charge of data entry and administrative tasks, you might not need a background check because the stakes are low.

It can provide a sense of security to clients and company.

There is something to be said about the peace of mind that comes with having passed a successful background check. If you require background checks as part of the application process, you can pass along that information to your clients and employees. This information will not only make your clients and employees feel safe, but it will also let everyone know how serious you are about your company’s safety and well-being.

Background checks are a useful piece of information to have on a potential recruit before you offer a position with your company. If you need any assistance or guidelines regarding the background check protocol, contact Olympic Staffing. We can help you figure out what to do with that information to determine whether or not the aforementioned candidate is a good hire.


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