Why You Should Consider a Job Offer for at least 24 Hours

May 26th, 2015

If you have made it into the final stages of the interview process for a specific job, you may have an idea of whether or not you will accept. In order to make the best decision possible, you should consider the job offer for 24 hours even if you know what your answer will be. Committing to a new job is one of the biggest decisions you will make, so you need to have thought everything through before you do so. Here’s why you should consider a job offer for at least 24 hours:

Talk it Over With Your Significant Other

When you accept a job offer and you’re married or in a relationship, the other person will be affected. You need time to consider the job offer so you can talk over the details with your significant other and make sure it’s the best decision for both of you. Your significant other can also act as a sounding board if you have any concerns about the job and will be able to give you some perspective.

Consider All Factors

There are many factors that influence accepting a new job; each of those factors needs to be taken into consideration when making the final decision. For example, the new job might be a great step in the process of furthering your career but have an awful commute. Alternatively, the job could be right down the street but not be up to your salary requirements. Whatever the factors are, make sure you consider all of them, and that you can find a positive balance between what is realistic and what you can work with in the near future.

Let Logic Take Precedence over Emotion

If you wait to accept a job, you can rest assured that your logical side will rise up to meet your emotional side. Since taking a new job is usually a long-term and life-changing agreement, it is not something you want to do based on emotions. When you consider the job offer for 24 or more hours, your excitement surrounding the job offer will subside and make way for you to deliberate how good of a fit the job actually is for you.

Have a Thought-Out Answer

When you’re in the moment with your interviewer, you may end up saying something you don’t mean in regards to your upcoming employment. However, this doesn’t put you in a good position to negotiate if you have any concerns or suggestions about the job. When you take the job offer home, you will be able to formulate a thought-out response if there is anything about the offer that is less-than-satisfactory.

Contact Olympic Staffing. We will find you a job worth considering – one that fits your needs and helps you move forward in your career.

Why Vacations Need To Be Vacations

May 19th, 2015

Are you a workaholic? If you work while you’re on vacation or check e-mails constantly, the answer may be yes. Even if you’re a hard worker, you still need to take vacations to get away from work and enjoy life. If you go on a vacation, try to leave your work computer and cell phone at home – you need it! Here’s why vacations really need to be vacations:

You need to recharge

Vacations are a great way to recharge and rebuild up your energy. Working full-time (and invariably juggling family time, hobbies and other commitments) can be exhausting, and you need to give yourself a break every now and then. By unplugging from your work on vacation, you will really give yourself the time you need to return to work as a better employee.

Your co-workers need to learn boundaries

Technology has made it so the boundaries between working hours and leisure hours are extremely blurred. This ends up resulting in people working too much and never really establishing a separate life for themselves outside of work. By taking a vacation and not answering calls or e-mails, you are teaching your co-workers to respect the boundaries you set surrounding your personal time.

You will bring back more perspective

Depending on where and with whom you vacation, you can easily bring back more perspective to work. Sitting in the same office day in and day out can lead to creative blockage that could impede your ability to work. When you go on vacation and completely disconnect from work, you might find yourself with increased creativity, understanding, and motivation.

You will be happier

Humans aren’t meant to be on-the-go constantly. By taking a vacation where you are actually unplugged with work, you will have time to find the joy in life’s small pleasures. You will get to spend time with family and friends while expanding your worldview and taking a time-out from your busy life. If you do this regularly, you will find your happiness increasing and carrying you through from vacation to vacation.

As you can see, taking time for yourself is crucial from both a career and a personal standpoint. You should make it a regular priority to take vacations and unplug from work while you’re there in order to maximize the effectiveness of your time. If you need help finding a job that lets you take vacations, contact Olympic Staffing. We will be able to place you in a job that respects your time and boundaries and understands the value of vacationing.

Should You Require Background Checks?

May 12th, 2015

When you hire a new employee to work for your company, you are putting your trust in them. You not only are trusting them with your company; you also are trusting them with your employees, safety, and overall well-being. It is for this reason that many employers require background checks as a standard part of the application process. Here’s how you can determine whether or not to require background checks:

Character measurement is useful.

Many employees will stray from telling the truth when asked about a criminal history on a job application. Requiring a background check as part of the application process will allow you to judge easily the character of your potential recruit. You can gauge a person’s character by whether or not they decide to tell you about something that happened before you discover it via a background check.

It can prevent bad happenings.

It can somewhat go without saying that if you hire employees who have passed a background check, the chances of your preventing a bad happening are much greater. The ability to see which of your potential recruits have any sort of record or police file will help you determine which candidates are at-risk for your company and whether or not you can afford to take that kind of risk.

It depends on the nature of the work.

Whether or not you require background checks really depends on the nature of the work. The nature of the work can be determined by the potential risk at hand, and how those would affect the company. For example, if you were hiring an employee who had to interact with small children and/or animals every day, you might want to require a background check because the stakes are high. However, if you are hiring an employee who is in charge of data entry and administrative tasks, you might not need a background check because the stakes are low.

It can provide a sense of security to clients and company.

There is something to be said about the peace of mind that comes with having passed a successful background check. If you require background checks as part of the application process, you can pass along that information to your clients and employees. This information will not only make your clients and employees feel safe, but it will also let everyone know how serious you are about your company’s safety and well-being.

Background checks are a useful piece of information to have on a potential recruit before you offer a position with your company. If you need any assistance or guidelines regarding the background check protocol, contact Olympic Staffing. We can help you figure out what to do with that information to determine whether or not the aforementioned candidate is a good hire.


When is the Best Season to Hire?

May 5th, 2015

You may think that hiring new employees can be done at any time depending on your company’s needs. While this is true, there are seasons in which it’s more effective to hiring certain employees or temp workers. In order to maximize the effectiveness of your hiring efforts, here are the best seasons in which to hire new employees.


In general, winter isn’t a great season to hire new employees. The reason for this is that many people are busy with the holidays and will have a hard time committing to training dates and/or a start date. However, winter can be a good time to hire if you need help specifically for the holidays. Hiring seasonal temp workers, such as college students on a break from school, is a great way to find and utilize seasonal temp workers.


Spring is a great time to hire new employees, because people will be refreshed and rejuvenated coming out of winter. Additionally, many people will be making their plans for the summer and will be more likely to commit to a new job before they have plans.


If you need short-term help for your company, summer is the time to hire. People tend to have more extended free time in the summer and can usually commit to short-term commitments. Depending on the scope of the work for which you are hiring, you may also have an extended pool of candidates from which you can select.


Fall is a great time to hire new employees because it’s the start of the academic year. Even though your potential employees may no longer be affiliated with the academic calendar, the time of year still signifies a “restart.” This is also a good time to hire employees because you will be able to appeal to and find those who have just returned from a summer of traveling and who are now ready to get down to business.

Once you have determined when you would like to hire new employees, contact Olympic Staffing. We will help you find employees who are a good fit for your company’s needs in that specific season. We can also help you prepare to hire during certain heavier peak seasons so you can focus on working and running the company effectively.