How to Use Social Media to Find Job Candidates

April 28th, 2015

Social media has revolutionized everything in our world, including how job seeking works. As an employer, utilizing social media connects you with candidates you would have never been able to meet otherwise. Consider these tips.

Target Candidates Using Hashtags

Hashtags exist as a way for people to find subject areas that interest them online. You can use this to your advantage by targeting candidates with hashtags. For example, if you are looking to add a public relations executive to your team, you can search the hashtags #PR or #publicrelations to see who is posting updates relating to that specific subject matter. Chances are that you will have a handful of people who are looking for a job in that field.

Tweet Out Positions to Staffing Agencies

If you are hiring for a specific position, you can always post a Tweet in hopes that a staffing agency will Retweet it. The easiest way you can do this is to provide relevant details of the position (in 140 characters or less, of course) and tag the staffing agency in the Tweet. That way, they will see the Tweet and will be more likely to Retweet it if it’s applicable to their client base. 

The Facebook Ripple

Facebook is just one of the ways that Social media is a great resource for companies to use while hiring, because it allows you to transcend the scope of your traditional reach. For example, if you post a Facebook status about a job, you may not be able to reach the perfect candidate within the pool of your fan base, but one of your fans may share the post with a friend/contact who is perfect for the position. Social media essentially acts as word-of-mouth, but is much more targeted and efficient.

Search Relevant Conversations.

Social media allows you to search relevant conversations that have applicable keywords. For example, if someone tweets out that they need a new job, you can set your search parameters on your social network of choice to see that post. This will keep you alert and updated on those who are looking for new jobs at all times.

Use your social media and contact Olympic Staffing. We can sit down with you and determine what type of candidates will best fulfill your company’s needs.

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