Hiring College Graduates is a Great Choice

April 21st, 2015

No, they don’t have years of experience, but college graduates bring a lot to the table.

Graduates Will Be Eager to Work.

When you are hiring employees, one of the most important qualities to look for is eagerness. Since college graduates are new to the workforce, they haven’t yet developed the burnt out qualities that many employees who have worked for ten to fifteen years possess. Your new hires will arrive on the job eager to learn and ready to work.

You Will Hire From a Wide Pool.

When you hire college graduates, you can hire from a wide pool. Whatever skill or position you’re trying to fill, you will most likely be able to find someone who fits the need. Many college students graduate with multiple sets of experiences (anywhere from internships to rigorous coursework) under their belt. This means that whatever niche you’re trying to fill will be readily available for you.

You Can Advertise to Specific Skill-Sets.

If you are looking for a specific skill set in your new hire, such as graphic design or computer programming, reaching out to college graduates within a specific department or major will ensure that your new hire would possess the skills you need.

Candidates Will Likely Have Internship Experience.

Most colleges and universities now require their graduates to have had some form of internship experience prior to graduating. This is great for you as an employer, because your new hires will have had some form of work experience in addition to their degree.

Looking for fresh talent? You will find that college graduates often make some of the best employees, and you will be glad to have brought them on board. Contact Olympic Staffing. We will assist you in the process and find top candidates for all your open positions.



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