Relocation: Should I or Not?

March 10th, 2015

A recruiter called you about an incredible job, you went ahead with an interview, and now you received an offer. The only problem is that the job is on the other side of the country or in another city. While you may be tempted to move for the job, you should consider some factors before you relocate. Here’s what you should ask yourself before you make the decision to move for a job.

Are Relocation Costs Provided? 

Moving is not cheap. Before you make any decisions, you will want to know whether or not relocation costs are provided. Often times, larger companies will offer relocation cost reimbursement as part of a benefits package. However, the stipulations vary from company to company, so you make sure you know exactly what they offer. 

How long is My Contract? 

If the company does reimburse you for relocation costs, you will need to find out how long the contract you are signing requires you to stay with the company. Many companies require the employee to pay back a good portion (if not all) of the relocation costs if they break the contract before the term length has finished. 

Do I See Company Advancement? 

If the company that is offering you a job provides little to no career advancement, you shouldn’t move strictly for career reasons. If there’s no potential to grow or advance, you may find yourself growing bored with the job and wishing you were back in your original location. 

Do I Mind Leaving Family and Friends? 

Are you okay with leaving your family and friends to pursue a job in another country or state? If the answer is “no,” you shouldn’t relocate for a job. While you will make new friends in your new location, you don’t want to be unhappy and always wishing you were back home. 

Will I Be Satisfied Outside of Work? 

Work will only take up between forty and fifty hours a week. What are you going to do with the remaining time? If you hate the snow but your new job is in Boston, it might not be a good fit for you. Similarly, if you can’t handle heat but your new job is in Southern California, you might want to rethink your choice. You need to consider all the factors including weather, activities, and lifestyle choices before you move for a job.

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