How to Stay Relevant in the Workplace

March 31st, 2015

If you’re serious about your career and would like to be eligible for promotions and advancements, you’ll need to stay relevant in the workplace. Due to ever-changing demands of employment needs, technology developments, and coworker relations, you will need to stay up to speed. Follow these tips. 

Be on the Cutting Edge of Technology.

Technology is always changing, so you should do your best to keep up with it. Though many technological trends come and go quickly, it’s to your benefit to learn about the trends and habits that stick. Many companies are quick to adopt emerging technologies in order to stay competitive with other companies. You’ll be doing yourself a favor if you can keep up-to-date at least with the terminology so you don’t fall behind on your work. 

Adapt to Changing Situations.

If you want to stay relevant in the workplace, you are going to need to be able to adapt to changing situations. This could include adapting to a new office or a new responsibility. The key is to have a “can-do” attitude and take your new change into stride. 

Stay in Touch With Former and Present Co-workers.

Embrace relationships with new coworkers and nurture relationships with past coworkers. This will help you stay relevant as you network and learn about the various responsibilities you and your coworkers will share. 

Be a Good Listener.

You can’t stay relevant if you don’t know what is happening. Be a good listener, no matter who is talking –  your boss, an intern, a coworker. When people speak, they are trying to communicate important information to you. If you pay attention, you will find that you are able to keep afloat on many important issues.

Sometimes, staying relevant in the workplace means looking for a new job. Contact Olympic Staffing. We will help you find a job that will take advantage of your workplace skills and will always inspire you stay relevant.

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  1. Tom Hart Says:

    Great tips. I think being a good listener is an underutilized skill in the workplace today. People become so consumed with their own work and projects that they lose sight of what (and who) is around them.

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