How to Advance Your Career in One Month or Less

March 24th, 2015

Building a career is a lifelong pursuit. After you complete your education, you usually will hold a series of entry-level jobs and then advance after putting in some time and hard work. However, there are ways to advance your career a little quicker so your progress doesn’t necessarily have to follow a traditional timeline. Here’s how to advance your career in one month or less: 

Make Connections. 

One of the quickest and easiest ways to advance your career is to make connections with other people who can help you do just that. Try connecting with more people at work if you don’t know everyone in your company. Another option is participating in networking events where you can meet likeminded people in your field or industry. Exchange contact information so you can inform each other of career-appropriate opportunities. 

Go Back to School. 

If you want to advance your career, you could always go back to school to do so. Going back to school doesn’t necessarily mean receiving a master’s degree or another graduate degree. Going back to school could mean obtaining a certificate or a new training. As long as you’re learning something new that relates to your field, you’re advancing your career in the right way. 

Become an Expert at Your Current Position. 

A great way to advance your career is by becoming an expert at your current position. If there’s anything you’re unclear about, do some independent research and clarify so you can perform your job with a renewed confidence. 

Keep In Touch With Politeness Formalities. 

If you’ve made connections at networking events or school, don’t forget to keep in touch. This could be as simple as sending an e-mail every month or two and asking your new colleague about their latest work endeavors. This will help keep the lines of communication open and will present opportunities when they are fit.

After you have taken the above steps, you will find yourself feeling much more qualified and connected to take the next step. Seeking assistance in finding the perfect job will also help advance your career. Contact Olympic Staffing today. We will be able to help match you up with a job that will take advantage of your new career skillsets and qualifications.


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