5 Best Productivity Tips

March 3rd, 2015

It’s hard to be productive day after day, but there are several steps you can take to ensure you are maximizing your productivity while at work. Increased productivity will help you gain recognition in the company, accomplish more, and develop a higher sense of self worth. Here are our five best productivity tips you should strive to accomplish: 

Create a Manageable To-Do List. 

Too often, a loss in productivity boils down to nothing more than having too many items on a list. To combat this, create a manageable to-do list with no more than three to five tasks on it. Once you accomplish these tasks, you can move on to others that need to be accomplished. 

Set Designated E-Mail Hours. 

If you spend a large portion of your day checking e-mails, you are likely decreasing your productivity. Set designated e-mail hours and strive to only send and respond to e-mails during those hours. This will keep you focused on the current task at hand instead of getting distracted by e-mails every few minutes. 

Learn to Say “No.” 

You don’t always have to accept every task or action item that comes your way. If it’s something you can’t handle and isn’t absolutely necessary to complete your job, learn to say “no.” This will prevent you from overloading yourself when you need to focus on your current tasks. 

Delegate Tasks. 

If you are given more tasks than you can handle, appropriately delegate them to capable coworkers or interns. This will free you up to focus on the tasks you deem to be the most important and will ensure that you don’t fall behind in your workload. 

Give Yourself Breaks. 

If you try to work straight through lunch every day or never take vacations, you are going to burn out. Give yourself small breaks to get up and stretch throughout the day, and always use your vacation time if you have it. You will return to your desk and office more refreshed and ready to work harder than before. 

Once you’ve learned how to manage your productivity, you will be more efficient and will be a better employee. Contact Olympic Staffing. We will help put you in contact with several different reputable companies with whom you would be a good and productive fit.

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