Facilitating a Group Interview

February 18th, 2015

Conducting a group interview is a great way to assess multiple potential hires at once without having to spend too much time. Though group interviews are helpful, they can also be somewhat problematic if the facilitation isn’t performed correctly. Here’s how to conduct a group interview:

 Allow Individual Introductions.

 It’s a common misconception that group interviews are extremely collaborative. While this is mostly true, you can introduce individualistic components of the group interview to gain the maximum benefit. If you allow the potential candidates to give individual introductions, you will ease them into the setting comfortably and will be able to learn about each person individually. If you skip this step, it might be hard to differentiate the candidates at a later point when you’re trying to decide whom to hire.

Observe the Group Dynamic. 

One of the best things about conducting a group interview is that it allows you to observe the group dynamic between your potential hires. Because of this, you will be able to observe and assess different personality qualities such as introversion/extraversion, leading/following, and adding to the conversation or listening. 

Ask Questions that Require Elaboration. 

You want to ask questions that require elaboration or else you might be left with a silent room with not much discussion. If you ask questions that require elaboration, you are giving your recruits the potential to build off of each other’s answers and work in a collaborative process. This is the end goal, as you want to see how well each recruit can work with another recruit. 

Remain in Control of the Interview. 

As the facilitator, you are in charge of the interview. If, at any point, you feel like the interview is becoming out of control, don’t be afraid to step in and take charge. You can also do this if one person is talking too much or not enough or if the subject matter is becoming too tangential. 

Group interviews can be tricky, but when they are facilitated correctly, they can be extraordinarily beneficial. Contact Olympic Staffing. We will select a variety of impressive candidates for your business so you can effectively conduct the group interview.

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