Choosing Between Two Similar Candidates

February 3rd, 2015

It can be hard to choose between two potential candidates, especially if they are similar in more aspects than one.  This requires tapping into their subtle differences to see which candidate is truly the best fit for your company. Here’s are some factors you can take into consideration when you’re trying to choose between two similar candidates: 

Compare Work Experience.

Work experience is a great way to decide if you should choose one candidate over another candidate. Though the two candidates might have similar amounts of work experience length, you can use this opportunity to really dig deep and assess the exact type of work they did while at each previous workplace. You can always ask the candidate to elaborate on their experience while in a second interview to help you make the decision more apparent. 

Compare Attitude.

You may be able to find select differences in the attitude of your candidates. Think back to the interview and recall how they responded to certain questions.  By doing this, you may find that the two candidates had different attitudes, which they conveyed in their response. You may find that you prefer the candidate to have a more energetic attitude depending on the position for which you are hiring. On the other hand, you might be looking for the candidate to be reserved and insightful. 

Consider Commute Length.

Before you offer a job to one of two similar candidates, try asking them about their commute length. If one candidate has a drastically shorter commute than the other candidate does, you might want to consider offering them the job. A shorter commute often equates to having a happier employee. This is only a good consideration when the commutes drastically differ as opposed to having small differences. 

Pose a Series of Hypothetical Questions To Them.

If your two candidates still have many similarities, try posing a series of hypothetical questions to them to see how they would respond in certain situations. You might want to try asking the two potential employees how they would handle a particularly stressful situation that could arise in your workplace and determine which course of action you like best. Posing a series of hypothetical questions will let you see how the candidate assesses problems and respond to them in an applicable format.

Once you have been able to differentiate the two candidates from each other, you will find it easier to make a decision regarding which candidate to hire. When you need help fielding and assessing candidates, contact Olympic Staffing. We not only find candidates, we do the initial assessments for you, which will help you differentiate similar candidates.

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