Are You Overqualified?

February 24th, 2015

When you are applying for jobs, you want to apply for those that will better you as an individual and will also help advance your career in the future. Though it can be hard to tell sometimes, some jobs will not help you advance in any way but actually might hinder you in terms of experience that is gained. These are the jobs for which you are overqualified; these should be avoided at all cost. Here’s how to assess whether or not you are overqualified: 

Determine Your Skillset.

Regardless of how long you have been in the workforce, you should know the skillsets you do and do not possess. This can include anything pertaining to your education, previous work experiences, or skills gained during professional work seminars along the way. Make a list of everything you have to offer for a potential employer and keep it for when you apply for jobs. 

Compare With The Position’s Needs.

After you have made this list, compare it with the needs that are advertised for the open position. You will soon find similarities and differences; you can use these to determine whether or not the skillsets match or are completely varied. If a position has too many skillsets you mastered years ago or consider “easy,” you might be overqualified. 

Define Your Stimulation Level.

Every person has a stimulation level that is comfortable in the work environment. When trying to assess whether or not you are overqualified for a position, you need to define your stimulation level and compare it against that particular job. For example, if you are used to having high-pressure deadlines and conducting important meetings for big groups of people, you might not want to apply for a job that doesn’t have any large responsibilities. 

Conceptualize Hypothetical Situations.

Think about what you would be doing on a daily basis for the position. If, when you think about this, you find yourself getting bored, you are more than likely overqualified. This is one of the best indicators that you should not apply for the job and would be better off seeking a job that is more intellectually stimulating. 

If you have determined that you are overqualified for a position, you should not apply for it. Contact Olympic Staffing. We will sit down with you and help you determine which positions are perfect for your experience and skillset to match you with the perfect career option.

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