Is Your Communication Style Effective in the Workplace?

January 20th, 2015

When you communicate with other people, the goal is to have other people understand your needs and desires.  Often, this is not the case due to various factors such as confusion and misinterpretation on behalf of the speaker or the listener.  Is your communication style effective in the workplace? 

Figure Out What You Need By Prioritizing Your Goals.

Often times, misguided communication is a result of not having prioritized goals for that specific communication. If you need to communicate three things at once, make sure you prioritize them in order of importance or so that they make hierarchical sense. This will help your listener make much more sense of your priorities and be more apt to have them met. 

Make Sure You Clearly Express Your Needs.

After you have prioritized your goals, make sure you clearly express your needs. It’s very easy to have your point of communication lost in a slew of banter, anecdotes, and short stories. However, be concise, stick to the point, and your needs will be received more easily from the person with whom you are trying to communicate. 

Ask Instead of Stating.

If you ask someone to do something for you, he/she will be more likely to remember it than if you simply tell him/her to do the task. When you ask someone to do a task for you, you are engaging that person by requiring an interactive response instead of just comprehension. 

Follow Up To Ensure There Wasn’t Miscommunication.

After you have asked your intended message recipient about your needs, follow up with them to ensure there wasn’t any miscommunication. This can be as simple as having them repeat back what you said to them or by asking them a question that could only be answered if they were listening.

Having a well-developed communication style is extremely important to developing a successful career and facilitating business relationships. If you feel like you are an effective communicator and are looking for a job, contact Olympic Staffing. We will match you, and your communication skills, with the appropriate company.

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