When Should I Move on To a New Job?

December 2nd, 2014

If you have been working at the same job for several years, you may be wondering if you should look for another job. There are a great number of benefits available to those who switch positions or fields at some point in their career. Here’s when you know you should move on to a new job: 

You Are Bored. 

Challenges – taking on tasks that test your skills – are an important aspect of every job. If you are no longer feeling stimulated or excited about your job, it might be time to find a new one. 

You Are Overqualified. 

Sometimes boredom is the result of being overqualified. Your experience, education, and/or skillset are above your responsibilities. Your gain becomes stagnate. If your employer doesn’t have viable options for moving up, and you want to further your career, it’s definitely time to start looking for the new and better. 

You Are Underappreciated. 

If you are working at a job in which you feel underappreciated, you might want to consider leaving. Your hard work and skills should be recognized, so if you are performing well but not receiving acknowledgement, that’s not necessarily a healthy or fun environment for you. 

You Can Financially Afford to Do So. 

The biggest factor determining whether or not you should move on to a new job is whether or not you can financially afford to do so. If the ideal job is actually less pay, only you can decide if it’s still time to switch. On the other hand, maybe you love your job, but higher paying ones are available and you need the financial boost. In the end, no one can decide but you. 

If you have decided you would like to move on to another job, contact Olympic Staffing. We will look at your qualifications, experience level, and available skillset to match you up with a listing of available jobs. We will help you find the next job that is right for you and will further your career.


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