4 Benefits of Hiring “Temp-to-Perm” Employees

December 9th, 2014

If you’re an employer, hiring the right person for the right job can be a tricky and time-consuming task. One great way to do this is to hire a “temp-to-perm” employee for the position you are trying to fill. Consider these four benefits of hiring a “temp-to-perm” employee: 

You Can “Interview” Them For an Extended Period of Time. 

When you hire a temp-to-perm employee, you can get to know them extensively. You can find out whether or not the skills and tasks they say they possess are actually applicable in a workplace environment. You are also able to assess their strengths and weaknesses on a more in-depth level. 

You Can See Whether or Not They Fit the Company Culture. 

When you hire a temp-to-perm employee, you can see whether or not they fit well with the company culture. You may find that some recruits look great on paper, but don’t perform well with the company or other colleagues. In order to be a good fit for your company, you need someone who is well rounded on paper and in real life. 

You Can See Whether or Not They Are Good For Their Job. 

Sometimes, new employees have the specific skillset you need for that position, but aren’t able to perform in the way you need. If you assign the temp employee quantifiable goals and they aren’t able to meet them, you know that they aren’t the right fit for the job. 

You Can Still Be Productive Without The Risks Associated With Hiring Someone New. 

If you hire an employee who is temp-to-perm, you are able to have them be productive in their new role without the risks associated with hiring someone new. While you are assessing whether or not to bring them on board permanently, you are still accomplishing work and being productive within your company. 

If you have decided you would like to hire a “temp-to-perm” employee, contact Olympic Staffing. We will help you find the ideal temp-to-perm candidate who will not only meet your needs and who also will qualify for long-term employment after the temporary period is over.

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