Why You Should Give Your Employees Flex Schedules

November 4th, 2014

Allowing your employees to have flexible working schedules is a perk that is becoming very common in the workplace. There are many benefits associated with giving your employees flexible schedules that will ultimately help your company. Four of the top reasons for offering flexible schedules include: 

Increased Productivity. 

If your employees have a flex schedule, they will be more productive because they will be focused when they are at work. For employees who have set hours, productivity is not always assured because that employee might not be motivated to work those particular hours. Employees are enabled to be more creative and present when they can choose their own hours. 

Loyalty to your Company. 

While many employers are choosing to adopt flex schedules, some employers are not willing to do so. If a flex schedule is right for your employee, he or she will likely remain at your company due to loyalty. Not many employees will turn down the perk of having flexible working hours in favor of another company. 

Employee Happiness. 

If your employees can make their work schedules around their social or personal plans, they will be happier in the long run. Many people aren’t happy at work because they are too preoccupied with what they are missing when they’re in the office. By letting them set their own schedules, you are allowing them to partake in the events and activities that are most important to them while still excelling in their position. 


If you aren’t monitoring the hours of your employees, they are going to be more accountable for the work they need to complete. Value is measured by the well-done completion of their tasks, within the required time frame, rather than whether they worked early or late in the day. 

Your company will only be as productive as your employees. Contact Olympic Staffing. We will match you up with trustworthy employees who thrive and deliver in a flex schedule environment.


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