How to Be Fully Productive Through the Holidays

November 18th, 2014

The holidays are a tricky time for office productivity. Some employees will leave town to visit friends and family, while other employees will celebrate locally. Amidst all the traveling and extra stimulation, there are several ways in which you can encourage your employees to be fully productive through the holidays: 

Encourage Employees Who Don’t Celebrate to Stay For the Holidays. 

You may find that many of your employees won’t celebrate the holidays or may not have family or friends in town. Encourage these employees to fill in the gap by working on holidays. Offer appropriate gifts or a pay bonus as an incentive. 

Stagger Schedules of Your Existing Employees. 

There is often a loss of productivity because employees leave in the middle of projects and tasks during the holidays. If you stagger the vacation schedules of your existing employees, you will be able to avoid this by making sure someone is always accountable for the task at hand. Projects are less likely to go unnoticed and will be completed in a timely manner. 

Encourage Your Employees To Take a Break. 

If your employees are planning on working straight through the holidays, their productivity may decrease. Encourage them to take small breaks where they can be refreshed and rejuvenate themselves. Employees who are refreshed and relaxed accomplish more in less time. 

Hire Temp Employees. 

If your company has tasks that need to be done during the holiday season, you should consider hiring temp employees. These employees will know they have to work during the holiday hours and will be ready to work hard for you to complete the tasks you need. If the temp employees perform well during the holidays, you can even think about hiring them on full-time at a later date. 

If you implement all of these suggestions, your office productivity during the holidays will sustain itself and possibly even increase. If you need to hire temp employees to help add to the office productivity, contact Olympic Staffing. We will help you find hardworking employees who will meet your needs during the holiday season.

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