Nurturing New Employees

October 7th, 2014

When you hire new employees, it’s your job to make sure they feel comfortable and useful within the company. The best way to do this is to think about, and include, your new employees from the very first day. Here’s how you can nurture your new employees to become productive members of your company:

Assign Responsibility. 

One of the quickest and easiest ways to nurture a new employee is to assign him or her responsibility. New employees often feel as though they’re not as “important” or “valuable” as other employees who have been there longer. This often leads to new employees feeling uncomfortable voicing an opinion or asserting themselves. If you assign a potential employee responsibility, he or she will take ownership over that certain task and will feel like he or she is on a more even playing field with the other employees. 

Promote the Company Values. 

New employees often don’t know the company’s values right away. This can lead to a feeling of disconnect with other employees or even when performing routine tasks such as answering e-mails or attending meetings. Encourage the new employee to learn the company’s values by reading company policies, shadowing more experienced employees, or observing the overall workplace. This will reassure the new employee of his or her place in the company. 

Check In Regularly. 

For the first few weeks, you should check in regularly with your new employee. By doing this, you are letting your new employee know that you care about his or her happiness and success within the company. Encourage the new employee to ask questions, voice opinions, and give comments about their daily routine. This will provide the new employee with a safe space to grow, learn, and increase their confidence. 

You will find that nurturing your new employees will not only help the employee, but also will also help your company, as the employee will gain productivity and confidence. If you are in need of new employees, contact Olympic Staffing. We will staff your company with qualified employees who will be a good match for your company’s needs.

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